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How to Draw a Knight


how to draw a knight step by step

Hello everyone! In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach you the process of drawing a knight. Knights were not only warriors; they were esteemed figures of nobility, just like samurais. So, let’s begin this lesson and learn how to draw a knight.

Step 1: Sketching the Knight’s Skeleton

To start, let’s outline the knight’s skeleton. Use an oval shape for the head and draw the spine, which should be twice the height of the head. Then, sketch the guidelines for the shoulders and legs. The width of each shoulder should match the width of the head, and the leg height should equal the height of the spine.

how to draw a knight

Step 2: Adding Flesh to the Knight

In this step, we’ll add some volume to the knight’s figure. Sketch the helmet on the head and use a large cylinder to create the torso. Draw the arms using two equal cylinders and outline the hands. Finally, draw a spear in the knight’s right hand.

how to draw a knight step by step

Step 3: Defining the Knight’s Shape

Outline the triangular pelvis and use cylinders to draw the legs. Don’t forget to outline the knees. Note that the thighs and shins are of similar size. Complete the legs by drawing the outlines of the feet. Now, the basic shapes of the knight are complete.

learning to draw

Step 4: Drawing the Knight’s Clothing

Let’s work on the knight’s attire. Use curved lines to outline the cape, and add folds to make it more realistic. Remember, the cape is worn over the armor. Sketch the belt and sword according to our example. Now, we have the knight’s silhouette, and it’s time to add details.

knight drawing

Step 5: Refining the Knight’s Helmet

Erase the guidelines from the head and make the lines cleaner. Use the facial symmetry to draw the eye openings and vertical welding lines. Add the helmet details following our example.

learning how to draw

Step 6: Perfecting the Knight’s Attire

Erase the guidelines for the cape and arms, and refine the lines. Draw a cord with two buckles just below the throat. Add more folds to the cape, ensuring they align with the body’s contours. Complete the drawing by adding the spear.

how to draw knights

Step 7: Enhancing the Knight’s Armor

Remove the guidelines from the torso and clean up the lines. Add folds to the fabric and draw a cross on the center of the chest. Sketch the belt, which tightens the waist and creates folds in the clothing. On the left side of the cape, draw another cross, considering the fabric’s folds. Complete this step by drawing the left hand, sword, and sword straps.

how to learn to draw

Step 8: Adding Details to the Clothing

Erase the guidelines from the cape and lower part of the surcoat. Use curved lines to draw the fabric’s folds on the clothes. Additionally, draw another layer of clothing beneath the outerwear.

how to draw a knight

Step 9: Shaping the Knight’s Legs

Erase the guidelines from the legs. Draw the calf muscles, as the mail tightly fits around them. Add straps to the legs, following our example. Draw the fabric with a cross at the end of the spear and incorporate some folds for realism.

how to draw a knight

Step 10: Shadows and Final Touches

The knight is now complete, and in this step, we’ll add shadows and final details. Use vertical strokes to draw the shadows. Start with the darkest areas to emphasize the cylindrical shape of the helmet. Then, use lighter strokes to blend the shaded areas with the lighter parts.

how to draw a knight

Step 11: Adding Textural Details

Continue the drawing lesson by using cross-hatching to draw the mail texture. Align the mail texture with the shape of the muscles. Next, use dark strokes to add shadows to the arms.

knight drawing

Step 12: Enhancing Realism

In this step, add shadows to the legs. To create a more realistic effect, leave narrow strips of light on the inside of the lower leg, indicating the reflection from a bright surface. The surcoat will cast a particularly thick shadow.

how to draw a knight step by step

Step 13: Detailing the Clothing Shadows

Let’s work on the shadows on the knight’s clothing. Although this step may seem challenging, it’s not as difficult as it appears. First, determine the light source. In this case, the light is coming from the upper right side. Add shadows to areas where light is not reaching, using dense hatch lines.

how to draw a knight with a pencil

Step 14: Finalizing the Drawing

At this last step, use light hatching to draw cast shadows, as demonstrated in our example. Review your drawing, erase any unnecessary strokes, and add the final touches.

how to draw a knight step by step

It was a challenging drawing lesson on how to draw a knight by If you don’t succeed on your first attempt, don’t worry! Keep practicing, and with time, you’ll improve your skills.

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