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How to Draw Sports Balls in 9 Easy Steps


Step 1: Outline the Balls

Let’s kick off our tutorial by sketching the sports balls using the fundamental circle shape. Begin by drawing the first circle on the left side of your paper, followed by the second circle on the right side. Ensure that the right circle overlaps with the left one and is slightly lower in position.

Step 2: Illustrate the Football

Now, let’s depict the football by adding an oval shape to your drawing. Place the oval on the lower left part of your paper, similar to the reference image. Make sure the oval overlaps with the first two balls. To make the task easier, you can employ drawing tools to align them accurately.

Step 3: Erase Excess Lines

In this step, we’ll refine the drawing by erasing extra lines to enhance its realism. Remove the lines that intersect the first and second balls, as well as those overlapping with the third ball.

Step 4: Enhance with Additional Details

Having established the basic shapes of our sports balls, let’s introduce some intricate details. On the first ball, add an octagon shape to the upper right side. For the second ball, draw a line extending from the right side of the ball, crossing to the left side, and another line from the top to the bottom. As for the third ball, draw a line crossing from right to left at the center of the ball.

Step 5: Introduce Further Elaboration

On the first ball, incorporate two more octagons—one on the left side and the other on the lower portion. For the second ball, draw a curved line enclosing both sides of the ball. Add another curved line on the right side, spanning from top to bottom, and repeat it on the opposite side. Ensure that these lines intersect the previously drawn line. For the third ball, draw a curved line encircling both sides.

Step 6: Establish the Eye Guide

Let’s create a guide for the eyes on the balls. On the first ball, draw two small circles in the middle, approximately half an inch apart. On the second ball, draw two circles with a slightly larger size and half an inch apart. For the third ball, draw a small circle on the upper part. Extend two curved lines from both sides, maintaining a one-inch distance between them.

Step 7: Add Mouth and Further Details

Just below the eyes of each ball, draw a curved line or a letter C facing upwards to form the mouth. For the first ball, incorporate additional octagons, ensuring that they connect seamlessly and fill the ball entirely. On the third ball, draw ten short vertical lines with a half-inch gap between each. Then, enclose two vertical lines with a curved line and repeat the process for the remaining lines.

Step 8: Complete the Eyes

To finalize the eyes, add a pupil to each ball. For the first ball, draw a shaded crescent moon shape facing left. Similarly, draw another shaded crescent moon shape facing left for the second ball. For the third ball’s eye, draw a shaded crescent moon shape also facing left.

Step 9: Finishing Touches!

In our final step, let’s infuse colors into each ball. You have the freedom to choose your favorite colors, or you can follow the suggested colors in this tutorial. Once you’re satisfied with your artwork, proudly showcase it to your family and friends.

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