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How to Draw Superman Easy


As dedicated comic book fans, we cannot overlook the character who laid the foundation for the iconic superhero stories we love. That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide on how to easily draw Superman. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this step-by-step tutorial will help you bring the Man of Steel to life on paper.

How to draw Superman easy

Step 1: Building the Stickman Character

To begin, let’s construct the stickman framework. This technique enables us to establish the basic proportions, posture, and position of the character on the page. Start by sketching a stick figure with a broad chest and a narrow pelvis. The height of the stickman should be approximately seven times the length of its head.

How to draw Superman easy

Step 2: Adding Volume to the Figure

Next, let’s add volume to our stickman. Focus on the previous step’s guidelines as you draw the torso. The pelvis should resemble a truncated triangle with a wide base, while the torso consists of a broad chest and a slim waist. Connect the trunk and the head with a strong, wide neck.

How to sketch How to draw Superman

Step 3: Drawing Powerful Limbs

In this step, we’ll depict Superman’s powerful and voluminous limbs. The arms consist of spheres and cylinders. Mentally divide each arm into three parts: the shoulder, forearm, and wrist. For detailed guidance on drawing arm anatomy, you can refer to our tutorial on how to draw Captain America. Apply the same principle to draw the legs, ensuring smooth bends between each segment.

How easy to draw Superman

Step 4: Outlining Facial Features

Now, it’s time to outline the main features of Superman’s face. Begin by slightly elongating the chin, then sketch the contours of the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. For a more detailed guide on drawing Superman’s face, we have a separate tutorial dedicated to that topic.

How to draw Superman

Step 5: Adding Key Details

Let’s add the most essential and recognizable details to our Superman drawing. Start by outlining the upper part of the cape and the iconic Superman logo on the chest. Next, sketch the outlines of the belt, shoes, and the lower portion of the cape, which is a distinctive feature of the character.

How to draw Superman for beginners easy

Step 6: Finalizing the Face

In this step, we’ll refine the facial lines and erase any unnecessary guide lines. While we won’t go into intricate details for Clark Kent’s face, it’s crucial to ensure the proper placement of short lines that depict the facial features accurately.

How to draw Superman easy

Step 7: Defining the Chest

Now let’s work on the final contours of Superman’s chest. Draw the outlines of his massive pectoral muscles, with the arches of the ribcage visible below them. In the center of the chest, include the well-known Superman logo. Additionally, emphasize the muscles of the neck, like the sternocleidomastoid, which adds an athletic touch to the overall physique.

How to draw Superman for beginners

Step 8: Fine-Tuning the Arms

In this step, we’ll perfect the details of the arms. Pay close attention to the anatomical structure and ensure smooth transitions between different parts of the arm. Drawing muscular, powerful arms requires smooth bends and transitions.

Superman drawing

Step 9: Finalizing the Legs

In the last step, we’ll complete the final contours of the legs. Erase any unnecessary lines used as guidelines. Additionally, sketch the final outlines of the shoes and shorts, paying attention to the folds in the fabric.

How to draw Superman easy


We understand that not everyone feels confident when drawing human figures, especially if your expertise lies in animals or inanimate objects. That’s why we’ve prepared this tutorial specifically for those who want to master the art of drawing Superman. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we hope you find success in creating your own extraordinary rendition of the Man of Steel.

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