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Fizzing Baking Soda Paint Volcano Craft (with Free Template!)

This exciting volcano craft involves creating a mesmerizing painting with washable kids’ paint and baking soda. Not only is it a blast to make, but the end result is worthy of display! Plus, with the free printable template provided, this project becomes a breeze to do with your children. Simply add drops of vinegar to watch the paint bubble and fizz in delight!

Fizzing Baking Soda Paint Volcano Craft

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Discover the Magic of Baking Soda Paint

Some time ago, I decided to experiment with baking soda paint alongside my kids. We mixed baking soda and liquid watercolors, armed ourselves with paintbrushes and white cardstock, and reveled in the delight of watching our paintings fizz as we added drops of vinegar. Although the result wasn’t quite wall-worthy, the kids had a blast, encouraging me to revisit the idea.

Our main challenge lay in the poor mixing of baking soda and liquid watercolors. No matter how many different ratios we attempted, we couldn’t achieve a paint-like consistency. The mixture resembled more of a paste, making it difficult to paint with. Moreover, if we didn’t actively use the paint, the baking soda would sink to the bottom. To top it off, the artwork tended to flake once dry, far from ideal.

Considering the immense fun we had, I pondered ways to enhance this activity and produce more satisfying results. That’s when the idea struck—what if we replaced the liquid watercolors with washable kids’ paint?

We gave it a try, and lo and behold, washable kids’ paint yielded fantastic results! Not only that, it’s more affordable and readily available, making it a convenient choice for this creative endeavor.

Exciting Possibilities with Baking Soda Paint

Using the process outlined in this article, you can create abstract art effortlessly. Simply pour some paint into small containers, mix in baking soda, and let your kids paint as they would normally. Once they finish their masterpieces, add drops of vinegar, sit back, and watch the mesmerizing bubbles and fizzles come to life!

Personally, I couldn’t resist using baking soda paint to craft a volcano. It perfectly complements the concept of fizzy paint, resulting in a stunning visual spectacle. In fact, I’ve even created a free volcano printable to make it even more accessible for you. You can find the download link at the end of this article!

How to Create a Fizzing Baking Soda Paint Volcano

Required Materials

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions, let’s ensure you have all the materials you’ll need to create your very own fizzing baking soda paint volcano:

  • Blue cardstock (I recommend this set as it offers various colors, but any pastel cardstock or construction paper will suffice)
  • Brown cardstock or construction paper
  • Free volcano printable (Download using the form provided at the end of this article)
  • Scissors
  • School glue stick
  • Washable kids’ paint in black, white, red, orange, and yellow
  • Small containers for paint mixing
  • Cotton balls
  • Baking soda
  • Paintbrush
  • Droppers (Plastic droppers are recommended for safety)
  • White vinegar

Please note: To ensure optimal results, cardstock should be used for the blue background instead of regular paper, as the latter may become soggy once vinegar is added. Additionally, if you lack cardstock in the appropriate color for the volcano printout, construction paper will suffice.

While the list may appear daunting, most of these materials are likely to be readily available in your home. Moreover, this project is quick and easy, taking only around half an hour to complete—making it an ideal craft to entertain your kids without requiring excessive time commitment on your part. Older children should be able to complete the project independently, with younger ones benefitting from some assistance along the way.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Now let’s delve into the step-by-step process of creating your very own fizzing baking soda paint volcano:

1. Print the Template

Begin by printing the volcano template on brown construction paper. Depending on your printer and the size of the construction paper, you may need to cut the paper down to fit. A paper trimmer works wonders for achieving precise cuts, ensuring quick and clean results. Remember to keep the trimmer out of reach from young children for safety.

2. Cut and Glue the Template

Once you’ve printed the template, carefully cut out the volcano shape and glue it onto the blue cardstock background.

3. Create a Smoky Sky

Mix a small amount of black and white paint in a container, adjusting the quantities until you achieve the desired shade of gray. Dip a cotton ball into the paint and gently dab it onto the blue background to create smoky clouds above the volcano.

4. Make Baking Soda Paint

It’s time to prepare the baking soda paint! Squeeze some red, orange, and yellow paint into small containers, then add a generous amount of baking soda. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until well combined.

The resulting paint will be slightly thicker than usual, but it should still be easily applicable to the paper using a paintbrush. Feel free to involve your children in the mixing process; it’s a great opportunity for them to join in on the fun!

5. Paint the Lava

Next, use the baking soda paint to bring the lava to life. Start by painting red lava flowing from the volcano’s mouth and cascading down its sides and front. Although I inadvertently skipped capturing the red paint alone in the pictures, you’ll witness this step when you undertake the craft yourself.

Once you’ve painted a vibrant red base, add depth and dimension using orange and yellow paint. The brushstrokes need not be overly precise; simply avoid covering the red entirely to allow the colors to blend effortlessly.

Surprisingly, the final result yields stunning textures and layers, thanks to the slightly thicker consistency of the paint—a pleasant surprise that adds depth to your masterpiece.

6. Introduce Vinegar

Now for the most exciting part! Place a small amount of white vinegar into a container and let your child add it to the painting using a dropper. As the vinegar and baking soda interact, an enchanting fizzing reaction will ensue!

It’s advisable to add a few drops at a time to prevent oversaturation. While cardstock is thicker than regular paper, it’s not entirely waterproof, so excessive moisture may result in sogginess. If you accidentally add too much vinegar, simply dab off the excess with a cotton ball.

7. Allow to Dry

Once you’ve finished adding vinegar to all desired areas, allow the painting to dry for several hours until it’s ready for display.

Upon reviewing the pictures below, you’ll notice the stunning texture the baking soda and vinegar reaction imparts to the dried paint. Tiny bubbles are visible throughout, transforming the washable kids’ paint into a unique piece of art.

Unlike artworks made with baking soda and liquid watercolors, this masterpiece won’t flake off and can be easily hung on a wall without concerns of mess or damage.

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? We’re thrilled to embark on more projects featuring baking soda paint in the future!

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