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How to Draw a Vulture


In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to draw a vulture, one of the most ominous and legendary birds. Vultures have always played significant roles in stories, mythology, and even comic books. For instance, Spider-Man’s notorious nemesis, the Vulture, is an elderly man wearing a vulture costume that grants him the power of flight. Additionally, the vulture held special importance to the ancient Egyptians, symbolizing the goddess Nekhbet, often depicted as a vulture. In this guide, we’ll focus on drawing the vulture in its most recognizable form.

Step 1: Basic Geometric Shapes

To accurately depict a vulture, begin by sketching simple geometric shapes to represent its body parts. Start with a small circle for the head and an elongated oval for the torso.

Step 2: Defining the Beak and Neck

Using a couple of lines, draw the vulture’s distinctive downward-pointing beak. Then, with curved lines, outline the long neck of the bird.

Step 3: Detailed Beak Structure

Add the finer details to the beak. Divide it into upper and lower sections with a line and create a separation between the front and back.

how to draw a vulture easily

Step 4: Eyes and Pupil

Draw an oval eye with a small, round pupil at the center. To ensure accuracy, you can move away from the sketch or use a mirror for reflection.

Step 5: Fluffy Collar

One of the most distinctive features of a vulture is its white, fluffy collar. Sketch chaotically directed feather lines to depict this characteristic collar.

Step 6: Wings and Shoulders

Using long lines, draw the wings of the vulture. The height of the wings should roughly match the height of the torso, with the upper part giving the impression of raised shoulders.

how to draw a cute vulture

Step 7: Legs and Claws

Use U-shaped lines with uneven bottoms to outline the upper parts of the vulture’s legs. Then, draw the lower parts with simple vertical lines.

Step 8: Fingers and Claws

Draw long fingers with sharp claws at the ends. Note that there are four toes on each leg, but due to the viewing angle, only three toes are visible.

Step 9: Feathers and Tail

Now, let’s add details to the vulture’s plumage. Draw U-shaped lines to represent feathers on the wings. For the tail, use simple lines to create feathers at the end.

vulture drawing images

Step 10: Chest Plumage

Using numerous short, curved lines, draw the plumage on the vulture’s chest. Ensure that the lines are evenly spaced from each other.

Step 11: Refining the Drawing

Remove all construction lines from the drawing as they are no longer needed. To enhance the expressiveness of the artwork, trace the vulture drawing with darker and more defined lines.

Step 12: Adding Colors

Add colors to bring your vulture drawing to life. Color the head and neck in deep pink, the beak in dark yellow, the collar in white, the body in brown, and the legs in shades of orange. The eyes can be painted either dark red or yellow. Consider adding shadows and highlights for a more three-dimensional effect. Additionally, you can depict a surface beneath the vulture, such as a rock or a branch, to enhance the overall composition.

how to draw a vulture

With this step-by-step guide, you can now create your own impressive vulture drawing. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the process of bringing this mythical bird to life on your canvas. Happy drawing!

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