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How to Draw a Dolphin – A Simple Step-by-Step Drawing

How to Draw a Dolphin - A Simple Step-by-Step Drawing

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a dolphin, you’re in luck! Drawing a semi-realistic dolphin that jumps out of the water to take a breath is easier than it seems. In this simple step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of drawing a cute and lifelike dolphin.

Base Sketch: Creating the Dolphin’s Structure

Step 1: Sketch the Dolphin’s Body Shape

Drawing step: Sketch the dolphin

To begin, start with a slightly flattened oval for the dolphin’s head. Then, attach a banana-shaped body by drawing two curves, one starting at the top and the other at the bottom of the head, meeting at the dolphin’s tail.

Step 2: Sketch the Dolphin’s Tail and Nose

Drawing step: Sketch the dolphin

Next, sketch the dolphin’s protruding nose. For now, draw it as a bird’s beak with a curve at the top and a flat curve at the bottom. In the next step, we will refine it to create a dolphin’s nose shape.

Then, draw the dolphin’s tail fin using two curves that start just above the end of the body. Add the bottom line of the tail as a wide arc positioned slightly under the pointed end of the body. Leave a small gap between the pointed tail-ends, as we will connect them later.

Step 3: Draw the Dolphin’s Fins

Drawing step: Draw the dolphin

Give your dolphin some fins to swim with! Start with the dorsal fin, located on the dolphin’s back. Draw it using two curves and make it nice and pointy, similar to a shark’s fin. Then, draw the two pectoral fins, which are located at the bottom. Place the front fin where the head oval meets the body, and partially hide the other fin behind the front one.

Finally, it’s time to shape the bird’s beak into a proper dolphin nose.

Step 4: Add Final Details

Drawing step: Sketch the final details

With the dolphin’s body sketched, it’s time to add a few final details. Draw the dolphin’s eye as a simple small circle. Then, draw two curved lines to mark the dolphin’s face—one from the top of the nose towards the eye and another from the tip of the nose under the eye, which will serve as the mouth.

Finally, mark the dolphin’s belly with a simple arc, interrupted by the pectoral fin.

Outline the Drawing: Refining the Dolphin’s Features

Step 1: Draw the Dolphin’s Body

Drawing step: Draw the dolphin

Start outlining the dolphin’s body by drawing the top curve of the body and smoothly joining it to the upper line above the nose. Outline the dolphin’s nose by smoothly connecting the lower “beak” line to the head oval with a very flat “S” curve.

Step 2: Draw the Fins

Drawing step: Draw the fins

Outline the fins next and then finish outlining the lower part of the body.

Step 3: Draw the Dolphin’s Tail

Drawing step: Draw the dolphin

Next, outline the dolphin’s tail. Connect the gaps at the tail ends with small half circles. Add a small inward split in the middle of the tail, made of two opposing quarter-circles.

Step 4: Draw the Dolphin’s Face

Drawing step: Draw the dolphin

Complete the dolphin drawing by refining the face. Outline the eye using a circle. Add a smaller inner circle for the pupil and fill it in, leaving a small white patch for a little eye-shine.

Draw the mouth and add a small fold at the end to give our dolphin a friendly smirk.

Finally, draw a small oval near the top of the head—this is the blowhole. Like whales, dolphins are mammals that need to breathe air.

Finished Drawing: Bringing the Dolphin to Life

How to Draw a Dolphin: Finished Outline Drawing

How to draw a dolphin: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed outline of the drawing once we have cleaned up the sketch lines. Learning how to draw a dolphin is surprisingly easy—follow these eight steps, and you’ll have a great-looking, semi-realistic dolphin.

How to Draw a Dolphin: Finished Colored-In Drawing

How to draw a dolphin: finished drawing colored-in

Of course, don’t forget to add some color to your drawing! Dolphins are typically steel gray, with a touch of blue reflecting from the water they swim in. Leave the marked-out belly white, or color it in with a very light gray shade. Even coloring the dolphin is easy!

So, grab your pencil, fineliner pen, colored pencils, eraser, and drawing paper or sketchbook, and start creating your own beautiful dolphin drawing. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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