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I Love You to Pieces Picture Frame

This adorable DIY “I Love You to Pieces” picture frame is perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any other special occasion. It’s a simple craft that kids of all ages can enjoy, and the best part is that you can find all the supplies you need at the dollar store!

DIY picture frame craft decorated with puzzle pieces and letter beads

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Helpful Tips:

  1. Prepare the puzzle pieces in advance and sort them by color or shape for easy selection when decorating your frame.
  2. Check the back of your frame to ensure the stand is at the bottom and the frame is in the correct orientation before adding the letters and puzzle pieces. We forgot to do this once and had to make some adjustments!

Love you to pieces puzzle piece picture frame for Father

Where can you find inexpensive jigsaw puzzles for crafting?

You can find affordable puzzles at the dollar store for around $1.50. Despite the low price, the quality is decent enough for both puzzle-making and decorating the picture frame. If your local dollar store doesn’t carry puzzles, consider checking out thrift stores. They often have a variety of options, and missing a piece or two won’t matter if you’re using them for a craft. Alternatively, you can cut puzzle piece shapes from cardboard or find puzzle piece templates online if you prefer not to use real puzzle pieces.

Two different ways to decorate a wooden frame with puzzle pieces

Where can you find wooden frames?

You can purchase wooden frames at Michaels or even at the dollar store. If you prefer to shop online, Amazon offers a wide selection of wooden picture frames.

What if you don’t have letter beads?

If you don’t have letter beads, there are several alternatives to spell out “I love you to pieces.” You can use a paint pen to write the message directly on the frame, buy small wooden letters from the dollar store and paint them, or use Scrabble tiles or letter stickers. Alternatively, you can skip the letters altogether and take a picture holding a sign that says “I love you to pieces” for a personal touch.

Blue puzzle pieces used on a love you to pieces craft

Explore Different Styles for Your “I Love You to Pieces” Picture Frame

As shown in our photos, you can create three different versions of the same craft using the same simple technique of gluing the pieces and letters to the frame. You can choose to place individual pieces on the frame to highlight their puzzle shapes or cover the entire frame with layered pieces and add the letter beads on top. The design is entirely up to you!

What does “I love you to pieces” mean?

Essentially, “I love you to pieces” is an endearing way of expressing a deep affection for someone. It signifies loving someone completely, appreciating every aspect of their being. In the context of this craft, it becomes a playful pun, given the presence of puzzle pieces on the frame. It’s the perfect Dad joke to include on a Father’s Day gift!

How to make a DIY picture frame for Father

Suitable for Various Occasions

While we made this “I Love You to Pieces” craft specifically for Father’s Day, it can also serve as a heartfelt homemade gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Puzzle lovers will particularly appreciate the colorful and creative touch these DIY picture frames bring, though all parents and grandparents will undoubtedly cherish the love behind them.

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