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23 Easy Fox Drawings Anyone Can Do

Sharpen your artistic skills and ignite your creativity with a collection of simple fox drawings suitable for artists of all levels. From basic designs perfect for children to detailed sketches that will challenge ambitious artists, these tutorials are designed to inspire and guide you through the process. Whether you’re a beginner looking to experiment with drawing animals or a seasoned artist seeking new challenges, these easy fox drawings will captivate your imagination.

Essential Tools for Sketching

Before we delve into the world of fox drawings, it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools. These two essential items will elevate your artwork and help you achieve realistic and detailed fox sketches.

1. Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit

Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit

When it comes to drawing a lifelike fox, having the right type of pencil is crucial. This comprehensive kit includes six different pencil types, three charcoal pencils, and four compressed sketch sticks. It’s a perfect choice for achieving the intricate shading details and subtle proportions required for small animals like foxes. With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to bring your fox drawings to life without breaking the bank.

2. Sketch Book

Sketch Book

Feel like a true artist with this spiral sketch book by your side. With 100 pages of high-quality paper, it’s the perfect companion for rainy weekends or whenever inspiration strikes. The durable material can withstand multiple erasures, allowing you to refine your fox sketches without worrying about damaging the paper. Make this sketch book your creative haven and let your imagination run wild.

8 Easy Tutorials for Fox Drawings

Now that you have the necessary tools, let’s dive into the tutorials. Here are eight easy fox drawings that will guide you step-by-step towards creating stunning artwork.

3. How to Easily Draw a Fox

For children and beginners, Camy Kwok’s tutorial offers a fantastic introduction to drawing animals. Starting with basic shapes, this tutorial simplifies the process, making it easier for young artists to grasp. If you want to explore more drawings based on shapes, be sure to check out our “how to draw a pig” guide.

4. A Playful Cartoon Fox Drawing

Cartoon Fox Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Introduce children to the world of foxes with this adorable cartoon-inspired drawing. Created by How To Draw For Kids, this fox drawing resembles a character straight out of a beloved television series. To add to the fun, consider creating Animal Crossing Perler beads as a delightful side project.

5. How to Draw Tails from Sonic

Often overshadowed by his flying powers and anthropomorphic appearance, Tails is, in fact, a fox. Cartooning Club How To Draw’s video tutorial teaches you how to capture the essence of Tails in your drawings. Don’t forget to explore Sonic Perler beads for a different type of creative activity.

6. A Beginner-Friendly Fox Drawing

Beginner-Friendly Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Easy Drawing Guides presents a step-by-step tutorial for drawing a furry fox. This guide is perfect for beginners and showcases the fox’s signature bushy tail. Follow along and create a charming fox drawing of your own.

7. A Mischievous Fox Drawing

Mischievous Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Let’s Draw That

Let’s Draw That captures the mischievous nature of foxes in this tutorial. Just like Swiper from Dora the Explorer, some urban foxes like to cause a bit of trouble. Perfectly depicting their naughty behavior, this drawing will bring a playful energy to your artwork. If you’re planning a nature walk, be sure to pick up some natural materials along the way for your nature collage crafts.

8. Step By Step Guide for Sketching a Fox

Struggling to follow written tutorials? UCIDraw’s channel has got you covered with an easy-to-follow video tutorial. This comprehensive guide will ensure you’re on the right track, allowing you to sketch a fox with confidence.

9. How to Draw a Detailed Fox

Detailed Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Drawing Tutorials 101 presents a beautiful fox drawing with added detail. This tutorial captures the essence of a fox, highlighting its bushy tail and distinctive features. Expand your skills and take your fox drawings to new heights with this tutorial.

10. Vulpix from Pokémon: Drawing Tutorial

When it comes to foxes in the Pokémon world, Vulpix reigns supreme as the charming fire-type fox Pokémon. Learn how to draw this beloved character in a step-by-step tutorial. If you aspire to become a Pokémon master, start your journey with our Pokémon Perler bead patterns.

5 Cute Fox Drawings

As if foxes weren’t already adorable, we have compiled five irresistibly cute fox drawings. These drawings will make you want to adopt one, but remember, foxes are wild animals and should remain in their natural habitats. If you’re a pet owner, consider making cat or dog Perler beads as a tribute to your furry friends.

11. Cartoon Fox Drawing

Cartoon Fox Drawing
Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

How2DrawAnimals presents a cartoon fox drawing that looks as if it understands human speech. Its stubby legs and charming expression are bound to capture the hearts of little ones. Perhaps this fox could join the team of PAW Patrol Characters!

12. Nine Steps to Draw a Fox

Simple Fox Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

How To Draw For Kids simplifies the fox drawing process with nine easy steps. This tutorial highlights the cuteness of foxes and is sure to entice children to explore their artistic abilities.

13. How to Draw a Kawaii Young Fox

Draw So Cute, a popular YouTube channel known for its cute and lovable drawings, presents an adorable kawaii-style fox. This tutorial adds a small heart detail that will surely melt your heart. If this fox drawing doesn’t soften your icy heart, our kawaii Perler bead patterns definitely will.

14. Adorable Baby Fox

Baby Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Emily Drawing

Emily Drawing’s fox drawing guide is perfect for those looking to create a quick fox doodle in their bullet journal. With ten simple steps, you can add a cat-like fox to your journal, making it feel less lonely. Explore our list of flower doodles for additional ideas to embellish your journal within just ten minutes.

15. How to Sketch a Sleeping Fox

Sleeping Fox Sketch
Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

Foxes share many similarities with cats, including their graceful stalking behavior and love for sleep. Capture the serenity of a sleeping fox with How2DrawAnimals’ tutorial. If you’re in the mood for more cuddly creatures, draw inspiration from our koala drawings, as koalas are known for their long naps.

5 Arctic Fox Drawings

While red foxes are commonly known, there’s another type of fox that exudes elegance with its all-white fur—the arctic fox. Discover the beauty of these creatures with our five arctic fox drawings. Join us in exploring polar bear crafts for kids to learn more about other rare arctic animals.

16. Draw an Arctic Fox in Six Steps

Arctic Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Hello Artsy provides a simple tutorial that guides you through the process of drawing an arctic fox in just six steps. Explore the unique beauty of these resilient creatures and bring them to life on your canvas.

17. How to Draw a Sleeping Arctic Fox

Unless you live in the Arctic region, seeing a sleeping arctic fox in person is a rare occurrence. Thanks to Kids Art Now’s channel, you can capture the essence of a sleeping arctic fox through this tutorial.

18. A Serious Arctic Fox to Draw

Arctic Fox Drawing
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Art

Easy Drawing Art shares an arctic fox drawing that might initially resemble a wolf. However, don’t be fooled—the arctic fox is smaller and less aggressive than its formidable cousins. Learn how to depict these majestic creatures with this tutorial.

19. How to Draw a Cartoon Arctic Fox

Art for Kids Hub presents a tutorial on drawing a cartoon arctic fox. This tutorial allows you to go at your own pace, with the option to pause or rewind as needed. Immerse yourself in the magical world of arctic foxes with this adorable drawing.

20. How to Draw an Arctic Fox: Video Tutorial

After mastering the simpler drawings, it’s time to level up with an arctic fox tutorial that comes close to the real thing. How2DrawAnimals’ video tutorial is filled with valuable tips and tricks from a trained artist, helping you take your skills to the next level.

3 Realistic Fox Drawings

For experienced artists seeking a challenge, we have three realistic fox drawings that will push your artistic boundaries. Explore our list of how to draw a chicken for more lifelike animal drawings.

21. Fox Head Step By Step Tutorial

Fox Head Drawing
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tips

No shame in starting with a stunningly realistic sketch of a fox’s head. Easy Drawing Tips helps you find your artistic flow with their all-in-one fox drawing tutorial. Let the intricate details come to life on your paper as you master the art of drawing foxes.

22. Furry Fox Sketch

Furry Fox Sketch
Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

If you’re eager to elevate your drawing skills to a professional level, Envato Tuts+ has the perfect tutorial for you. This step-by-step guide takes you from a basic sketch outline to the smallest details, such as the fox’s whiskers. Embrace this opportunity to refine your techniques and create a truly remarkable furry fox.

23. How to Draw a Sitting Fox

This tutorial from How2DrawAnimals captures the essence of a fox with remarkable accuracy. The artist skillfully portrays a candid image of a sitting fox, as though it were captured with a camera. The video tutorial is divided into subsections, allowing you to navigate freely and focus on each component of the drawing.

What Does the Fox Say?

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the world of fox drawings and have been inspired to create your own fantastic artwork. If you crave more drawing tutorials, be sure to check out our other animal drawings, suitable for beginners and advanced artists alike. Unleash your inner artist and embark on exciting creative journeys with our guides:

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Let your imagination soar and create masterful drawings that capture the beauty of nature’s creatures. Happy drawing!

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