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How To Draw a Panda: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Learn the Art of Drawing Pandas: 10 Simple Drawing Projects

How To Draw a Panda

Are you ready to master the art of drawing pandas? These adorable black and white bears can be depicted in various styles, so choosing your preferred style is the first step. With a little practice, you’ll be able to add personality to your panda drawings and showcase them wherever you go.

Tips for Drawing Pandas

  • Red or black/white: Red pandas have gained popularity recently, so feel free to draw a red panda instead of the classic giant panda.
  • Embrace cuteness: Pandas are renowned for their cuteness. While you can get creative with your panda drawings, cuteness is the common theme associated with them.
  • Bamboo as an essential element: Since pandas primarily survive on bamboo, incorporating it into your drawings adds a splash of color and accuracy.
  • Unique eye patches: The eye patches of pandas are not circular; they face downward, resembling the sad eyes of a bloodhound.
  • Black on the chest: The panda’s arms, legs, and part of its chest are black. Ensure that the black extends like a cropped top.
  • Mind the shading: Avoid excessively dark shading. Reserve intense shading (6B) for crevices, while a lighter shading (4B) works better for the rest of the drawing.
  • Unleash your creativity: If you want to infuse whimsy into your artwork, pandas are the perfect subject to explore.

Learn How to Draw Pandas: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

If you’re unsure where to begin with drawing pandas, following a tutorial can provide you with unique ideas and guidance.

1. How to Draw a Red Panda

How to Draw a Red Panda

Red pandas may not be actual bears, but they still fall into the panda family. You can learn how to draw these cute creatures by following a tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides.

2. How to Draw a Cute Panda

How to Draw a Cute Panda

For your first panda drawing, a cute panda is the perfect choice. The channel 365Sketches offers an excellent tutorial to guide you through the process.

3. How to Draw a Giant Panda

How to Draw a Giant Panda

The classic black and white giant panda is a must-know for any aspiring artist. Learn to draw a realistic giant panda with the help of a tutorial from How2DrawAnimals.

4. How to Draw a Panda Face

How to Draw a Panda Face

Start by mastering the art of drawing animal faces. DrawInGeek provides a simple tutorial on how to draw a panda face.

5. How to Draw a Cartoon Panda

How to Draw a Cartoon Panda

Cartoon pandas exhibit a delightful blend of cuteness and personality. How2DrawAnimals has an enchanting tutorial on how to draw a captivating cartoon panda.

6. How to Draw a Panda for Kids

How to Draw a Panda for Kids

Drawing pandas is not limited to adults; kids can have fun with it too. Art for Kids Hub presents an engaging kids’ art tutorial on panda drawing.

7. How to Draw a Panda Eating Bamboo

How to Draw a Panda Eating Bamboo

Capturing a panda munching on bamboo can be an enjoyable drawing exercise. A cartoon panda eating bamboo is the easiest to draw. Follow Winnicorn’s cute tutorial for this version.

8. How to Draw an Anime Panda

How to Draw an Anime Panda

Anime pandas often possess human-like characteristics and unique personalities. Taposhi Arts Academy offers a detailed tutorial on drawing an anime panda.

9. How to Draw a Baby Panda

How to Draw a Baby Panda

Drawing baby pandas involves emphasizing their large or closed eyes, big heads, and clumsy limbs. Learn Step by Step provides an excellent tutorial on drawing a baby panda.

10. How to Draw the Panda from “Turning Red”

How to Draw the Panda From Turning Red

Mai Lee, the main character from “Turning Red,” transforms into a red panda. Drawbook’s tutorial teaches you how to draw her adorable panda form.

Master the Art of Drawing a Realistic Panda Step-by-Step

Drawing realistic pandas may seem challenging, but with time and practice, you can learn to draw them without relying on tutorials.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper
  • 2B pencil
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil
  • Blending stump

Step 1: Draw a Circle and Cross

To begin, draw a circle and add a cross within it. The cross will determine the direction the panda’s face is facing.

Step 2: Draw the Mouth Circle and Ears

Next, draw a circle at the bottom center of the cross to represent the mouth. Then, add two ears peeking out from the northwest and northeast corners of the head.

Step 3: Draw Three Body Circles

Draw a circle partially covered by the head, followed by another circle to the left, which remains visible. Connect these two circles with a circle situated behind them.

Step 4: Draw Leg Lines

Now, draw simple lines to represent the legs. To give the impression of walking, extend one front leg forward while slightly angling the other leg backward.

Step 5: Draw the Eyes and Nose

It’s time to add more details. Draw two eyes above the circle representing the snout. Then, position the nose at the lower end of the snout circle.

Step 6: Add Fur

Add a furry texture to your drawing by incorporating fur lines throughout the body. Pay attention to enhancing the legs’ appearance by adding toes along with the fur lines.

Step 7: Define the Black and White Areas

After sketching the outer fur lines, lightly indicate the areas that should be black. Leave the rest of the drawing white to create a contrast.

Step 8: Shade and Blend

Utilize your 4B pencil to shade the black areas and your 2B pencil for the shadows. The 6B pencil should be reserved for extra dark spots, like the inside of the ears and the pupils.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Pandas Difficult to Draw?

Drawing pandas can be as easy as drawing any other animal. However, mastering the details may require practice. As you gain experience, drawing pandas will become easier.

What Symbolism is Associated with Pandas in Art?

Pandas have long been regarded as symbols of luck and peace. They represent the heart chakra, fostering compassion towards oneself and others.

Why Should I Learn How to Draw a Panda?

Drawing pandas can be a thoughtful gift for someone who adores these creatures. Additionally, it is a way to strengthen your heart chakra. Regardless of your motive, mastering panda drawing is a valuable skill.

In Conclusion

Once you’ve acquired the skill of drawing pandas, you’ll find yourself equipped with the ability to draw other types of bears. While each bear has unique features, the anatomy tips you’ve learned here can be applied to draw various bear species.

Pandas hold a special place in the hearts of many people. Aspiring artists, and even professionals, might find themselves receiving panda drawing commissions. However, even if you don’t pursue such opportunities, knowing how to draw anything is a valuable skill to possess.

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