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10 Essential Graffiti Supplies Every Beginner Needs (2023 Updated)

Knowing which supplies to get when starting out with graffiti can be challenging. Since graffiti is an underground art form, beginners often struggle to find the right tools. But worry not! You’ve come to the right place to discover the essential graffiti supplies that will help you make a strong start. Along the way, you might even learn some valuable graffiti tips and tricks.

1. Graffiti Literature

You might not expect books to be at the top of the list, but they are, in fact, an essential tool for learning about graffiti. If you’re new to the scene, reading graffiti books is the best way to familiarize yourself with its history and fundamentals before diving in. One must-read book is “Subway Art,” considered the Graffiti Bible as it showcases the golden era of graffiti in 1980s NYC. It features inspiring images of painted subway trains, interviews with graffiti legends, and insights into modern graffiti. Another highly recommended book for letter inspiration is “Graffiti Alphabets,” which offers alphabets from over 154 global writers. This book can help you explore different letter structures to find your own graffiti style.

2. Pencils

Pencils are an essential tool for many art styles, including graffiti. You don’t need anything fancy to start; just grab any pencil you have lying around, along with some paper. These basic supplies are perfect for sketching and working out letter structures as you begin to develop your style. If you prefer a good set of pencils, the Bic Matic Original Mechanical Pencils are highly recommended. With their mechanical design, you won’t need to sharpen them, and each pack contains 12 pencils, ensuring you’ll have a long-lasting supply.

3. Sketchbook

A graffiti sketchbook, commonly referred to as a “blackbook,” is where graffiti writers practice and draw their pieces. While beginners can start with scrap paper or an old notepad, having a dedicated blackbook is essential at some point in your graffiti journey. A cheap sketchbook like the A4 ArtGecko Classy Sketchbook will suffice. Just make sure the paper is suitable for alcohol and paint markers and is not lined. This will provide you with a reliable space to showcase your sketches.

4. Fineliner Set

Fineliners are fine-tipped marker pens that play a crucial role in creating sharp graffiti sketches. They are perfect for outlining, adding details, and filling in 3D elements. While most dual-tipped markers come with a fineliner, it’s beneficial to have a dedicated set with different nib sizes for a variety of effects. Molotow offers a popular set of 11 Black Fineliners (known as Blackliners), which are known for their durability and high-quality results.

5. Alcohol Marker Set

Quality alcohol markers are a must-have for adding color to your graffiti sketches. They allow you to visualize your artwork better and make your blackbook pieces stand out. While professional brands like Copic and Stylefile offer high-end options, beginners don’t need to invest in expensive markers right away. The Ohuhu Marker set of 40 provides a good range of colors at an affordable price. These markers have proven to be a great value for their price.

6. Paint Markers

Paint markers are highly popular among graffiti artists for creating blackbook pieces and street tags. Familiarizing yourself with paint markers early on in your graffiti journey is a wise choice. From brands like Posca Pens to professional acrylic paint markers like Molotow’s One4All range, there are numerous options available. As a beginner, consider starting with a paint marker starter pack, such as the Posca PC-5M starter set. These medium-sized markers are excellent for blackbook pieces and will help you understand how pump-action paint markers work. Additionally, explore our comprehensive guide on the best graffiti markers to find one that suits your style.

7. Blank Stickers

If you enjoy sticker bombing, getting your hands on blank graffiti stickers is a must. Stickers are essential for practicing tags and gaining exposure. Make sure to choose the right stickers. We have covered the best blank graffiti stickers along with a selection of top marker pens to use with stickers. Using stickers is a low-key way to get your graffiti name out there, making it an ideal starting point for beginners.

8. Spray Paint

Finally, we come to the most crucial tool in a graffiti writer’s arsenal: spray paint. While it’s advisable to practice in a sketchbook first, it’s equally important to develop your can control as soon as possible. Understanding spray can techniques and the different effects they produce takes time and practice. Depending on your location and accessibility, you’ll have various spray paint brands available. Popular choices designed specifically for graffiti include Montana Black, Molotow Premium, and MTN Hardcore. Consult our guide on the best spray paint for graffiti and street artists to make an informed decision that suits your style.

9. Extra Spray Paint Caps

Once you have your spray paint, consider getting additional spray paint caps to create a range of effects. Using only the stock caps that come with the cans limits your possibilities. Different caps cater to various styles, from super skinny caps for fine linework to super fat caps for filling in areas quickly. To experiment and find the caps that match your style, the Montana Cans 50 cap pack is highly recommended. It offers a range of caps, from skinny to super fat.

10. Safety Equipment

While it may not be the most exciting part, safety equipment is crucial for all beginners. A respirator mask designed for spray painting is an essential supply. Spray paint releases toxic fumes that can harm your health when inhaled directly. Protect yourself by using a quality respirator mask with a clean filter. The 3M Spray Paint Respirator is a recommended option due to its low maintenance and effectiveness. If you want to explore more options, refer to our guide on choosing the best respirator for spray painting.

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, why not take your graffiti skills to the next level? Check out our top tips for finding your unique graffiti style.

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