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How to Draw a Grape Leaf Step by Step


This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing a grape leaf in six easy steps. With detailed illustrations and helpful tips, you’ll be able to create a realistic grape leaf drawing with confidence.

Grape leaf drawing step by step

Step 1 – Sketch a Simplified Outline of the Grape Leaf

Begin by sketching a simplified outline of the grape leaf’s shape, omitting smaller details. Use light pencil lines to allow for easy corrections and adjustments.

Grape leaf outline drawing

Step 2 – Add the Delicate “Teeth”

Once you’re satisfied with the overall shape of the leaf, add the smaller “teeth” that run along the leaf’s edges. These can be drawn over the initial outline and erased later.

Grape leaf teeth drawing

Step 3 – Draw the Petiole and Midrib

Extend the midrib through the center of the leaf, transitioning into the petiole that attaches the leaf to the tree.

Grape leaf petiole and midrib drawing

Step 4 – Sketch the Main Veins

Depict the prominent veins that branch out from the midrib and extend into the leaf’s larger sections.

Grape leaf veins drawing

Step 5 – Add the Smaller Veins and Refine the Drawing

From the larger veins, draw the smaller veins, maintaining a random yet natural appearance. As they reach the leaf’s tips, make them shorter. Once you’ve finished sketching the veins, trace over the entire drawing with a black pen or marker. Alternatively, apply more pressure with your pencil to darken the lines.

Grape leaf line drawing

Step 6 – Bring Your Drawing to Life with Colors

Color the leaf with a light yellow/green shade, and use an even lighter variation of the same color for the midrib, petiole, and larger veins. Colored pencils are a convenient tool for achieving this effect.

Grape leaf drawing


Drawing a grape leaf may pose a challenge due to its complex shape. However, by following this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll gain a better understanding of the process. For guidance on drawing other types of leaves, refer to the following tutorials:

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Remember to approach each drawing with patience and enjoy the creative journey!

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