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How to Draw An Airplane – A Step by Step Guide

Airplanes are a remarkable sight in our modern world, constantly defying the laws of physics as they transport millions of people across the globe. Although we often take them for granted, there are still aviation enthusiasts who have an insatiable passion for these incredible machines. If you share their love for airplanes, you might think that drawing one is a daunting task. However, we’re here to show you that it’s not only easy but also loads of fun!

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Begin with the Upper Section of the Plane

To start drawing an airplane, focus on the upper section. Draw a curved vertical line for the nose, followed by a long slightly curved horizontal line. Finally, create a sharply curved vertical line for the top of the tail. With this foundation, you’re ready for the next step!

Step 2: Draw the Bottom of the Plane

Mirror the lines you created in the first step to form the underbelly of the airplane. However, this time, omit the large fin protruding from the top of the tail. Instead, draw a small fin piece on the side. Remember to leave space for the wing according to the reference picture.

Step 3: Add the First Wing

In this third step, you’ll add a wing to your airplane drawing. Utilize a long curved line that slightly curves back towards the tail of the plane. The wing may seem plain at the moment, but don’t worry. We’ll add some details to it later in this guide.

Step 4: Draw the Other Wing and the Window

Now it’s time to add the second wing. This wing will be on the opposite side and at a different angle, giving it a distinct triangular shape. Additionally, draw a bent rectangle shape above the cockpit to create a window, allowing the pilots to see where they’re going.

Step 5: Incorporate the Engines

Engines are crucial for airplanes to soar through the skies. Draw a long oval shape protruding from the wing to represent one of the powerful engines. Add details inside the circle and connect it with a curved line to form the body of the engine. There should be two engines on the right side and a smaller one on the left, as depicted in the reference picture.

Step 6: Add Final Details

Before coloring your airplane drawing, add some final details to enhance its appearance. You can include small windows along the plane, a door behind the cockpit, and lines along the wing and tail. These are just a few suggestions, so feel free to incorporate any additional details you prefer. You can even customize your drawing to resemble your favorite aircraft or airline.

Step 7: Bring your Drawing to Life with Colors!

With the drawing complete, it’s time to have some fun coloring it in. This final step allows your creativity to shine. There are no right or wrong ways to color, so feel free to choose the colors you like. You can even refer to real aircraft for inspiration. Experiment with different art mediums such as colored pens, acrylic paints, or watercolors and colored pencils. We can’t wait to see your unique masterpiece!

4 Ways to Make Your Airplane Drawing Unique

Before your airplane takes flight, here are a few extra touches you can add to make it even more exceptional:

  1. Explore Different Airplane Designs: Change a few details to create a new airplane design. You can research images of airplanes you love and modify elements, such as the wings or cockpit, to match your favorite model.

  2. Personalize with Themes and Logos: If you want to make your airplane truly unique, decorate it with patterns, pictures, or even your own logo. Let your imagination run wild and transform your drawing into a themed aircraft!

  3. Add Small details: Small details can make a big difference. Consider drawing passengers’ faces in the windows, or show who is flying the aircraft by adding faces inside the cockpit window. Get creative and think of other small details that will make your drawing stand out.

  4. Create a Scenic Background: Take your airplane drawing to new heights by adding a background. Imagine your airplane soaring over majestic mountains or across a vast ocean. If drawing landscapes proves challenging, you can find plenty of inspiring pictures online.

Your Airplane Drawing is Complete!

Congratulations on completing your airplane drawing! We hope this step-by-step guide was both enjoyable and helpful. By breaking down the drawing into manageable steps, we aimed to make the process easier for you. Now that you’ve mastered drawing an airplane, you can use this guide as a template and create your own unique aircraft. Feel free to explore different designs and let your creativity soar!

But the drawing fun doesn’t stop here! We’ll be regularly uploading more step-by-step guides on our website for you to enjoy. Make sure to check back frequently so you never miss out!

We’d love to see your amazing airplane drawing. Share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to admire your creativity and talent!

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