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How to Draw A Heart – A Step by Step Guide

The heart symbol has long been universally recognized as a representation of love and compassion. Its significance dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed to be the center of human emotion. Even today, we exchange hearts to express our affection for one another. But when it comes to actually drawing a heart, it can be more challenging than it appears.

If you’re eager to learn how to draw a heart yourself, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. In just seven easy steps, we’ll show you how to create a heart effortlessly. So let’s dive in!

Prepare for Drawing the Heart

Before we get started, here are a few helpful tips to make your heart drawing experience even better. We’ve carefully prepared this guide to ensure it’s not only adorable but also easy to follow.

When you take a look at the initial images in the guide, you’ll notice some lines that appear lighter than others. It’s important to understand why this is before you begin. The lighter lines serve as guides and should be drawn with a pencil. To make the drawing process as smooth as possible, it’s recommended to use a set of drawing pencils with varying shades and opt for the lightest one available.

To ensure precision, we suggest practicing with some doodles before starting the actual drawing. Additionally, keep your pencil sharp for clean lines. Remember not to press too hard on the paper to avoid damaging it and to enable easy erasure later on.

For this specific heart drawing, a mathematics set would be useful. This set typically includes a drawing compass, which will come in handy later in the guide. You can easily find these sets at any stationery store, and they often include other useful drawing tools as well.

Now that you have your drawing tools ready, let’s move on to the first step and begin drawing the heart!

How to draw heart in 7 steps

Let’s Get Started: Step 1

The first step in our guide is to draw a shape that will help structure your heart. Using a light pencil, simply draw a large oval. If you find it challenging to draw a perfect oval freehand, you may want to use a compass or a similar drawing tool to assist you.

Heart drawing step 1

Step 2 – Next, Draw Some Guiding Lines

Continuing with a light pencil, draw two lines that meet in the middle from the sides of your oval. These lines will form the tip of your heart drawing when the final lines are added later. Once you’ve achieved a similar look to the reference image, we can proceed to the next step!

Heart drawing step 2

Step 3 – Now, Add Some Pencil Circles

Using a drawing compass (if available) or your steady hand, draw two circles. The outer edges of these circles should align with the edges of the oval, and they should overlap in the middle. It may take a few tries to get the placement just right. Once you’ve drawn the circles, you’re ready to move on to the next step: outlining the heart!

Heart drawing step 3

Step 4 – Next, Draw the Final Outline

Now it’s time to draw in the final outline of the heart. Grab a pen or a darker pencil to trace over the tops of the guiding circles from the previous step. This will form the top of the heart shape. Refer to the image as a guide for how it should look. Once the lines are drawn, go ahead and erase the oval and circles. If you’re using a pen, make sure the ink is dry before erasing!

Heart drawing step 4

Step 5 – Add the Final Details

In this fifth step, we’ll draw the bottom of the heart. Following the lines you drew over the circles earlier, draw slightly curved lines that meet at the tip of the two guide lines. With these details in place, your heart outline is complete! Before moving on to the next step, make sure to erase the remaining pencil lines.

Heart drawing step 5

Step 6 – Have Some Fun with Details

Now that the heart outline is complete, it’s time to personalize it! In our example image, we added a happy smiling face to the heart. You can replicate this look or have fun creating your own designs. Try experimenting with different facial expressions, patterns, or even drawing other pictures inside the heart. Let your imagination run wild!

Heart drawing step 6

Step 7 – Finish with a Splash of Color

Your heart drawing is already looking fantastic, but there’s one final step to make it even more vibrant. This step is where you can truly showcase your creativity by adding color to your drawing. While we’ve shown one way to color it in, feel free to explore different art tools, mediums, and techniques. Use your favorite bright colors to bring your heart to life! You could experiment with acrylic paints for bold hues, watercolor paints for soft shades, or colored pens and pencils for intricate coloring.

Heart drawing step 7

Take Your Heart Drawing to the Next Level

To further enhance your heart drawing, we have some tips that will make it even better. Since this heart drawing is done in a cartoon style, you can consider adding some additional elements to complete the character. Try drawing arms and legs onto the heart to give it a more whimsical appearance. You can also experiment with different accessories such as hats or even a Cupid bow. Let your imagination soar and explore various imaginative ideas!

Hearts are often associated with love and Valentine’s Day, so why not turn your heart drawing into a beautiful card for a loved one? Place the heart at the front or center of the card and add patterns and a heartfelt message. For this purpose, it’s advisable to draw on sturdier cardboard to ensure longevity. Do you have someone special in mind to receive this lovely card?

Another suggestion is to add a background and interesting colors to your heart drawing. Create a setting like a funfair or a cozy restaurant, or perhaps draw a pattern of hearts as a background. Once you’ve chosen a background, let your creativity shine by experimenting with romantic colors, artistic mediums, and various techniques. You can also incorporate crafts and other exciting tools to add depth and texture.

Your Heart Drawing is Complete!

With color added to your heart drawing, you’ve successfully learned how to draw a heart! We hope this guide was not only helpful but also enjoyable to follow. Drawing a heart may seem tricky at first, but with the steps outlined here, it’s actually quite easy. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, feel free to personalize your drawings even further. Whether it’s through facial expressions, intricate details, unique backgrounds, or different color variations, the possibilities are endless.

We can’t wait to see the unique and beautiful heart drawings you create! Make sure to share your masterpiece on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire. Also, stay tuned for more exciting step-by-step drawing guides in the future. Our team is always working on new tutorials to inspire your artistic journey.

Now, grab your drawing tools and let your creativity bloom with your own stunning heart drawings!

How to draw a heart in 7 easy steps

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