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How to Draw A Snowflake – A Step by Step Guide

It’s always exhilarating to see the first snow of winter falling outside through your window. It signifies the start of sledding, building snowmen, and enjoying mugs of hot chocolate by the fire. Not to mention, it also means cities and landscapes covered in a beautiful white blanket and the joy of catching snowflakes on your tongue!

Snowflakes, with their unique and intricate designs, have captivated artists and enthusiasts for years. If you’ve ever wondered how to draw your own snowflake, look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a stunning snowflake in just six easy steps.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Drawing Guiding Lines

To begin, we’ll draw a set of guiding lines that will serve as the foundation for our snowflake. Using a light pencil, carefully draw a straight line downwards. Then, add two more lines at the angles shown in the reference image. Try to make the lines equal in length for a symmetrical snowflake. A drawing triangle can help achieve precise angles.

Step 2: Adding a Guide Hexagon

With the pencil lines in place, it’s time to add another shape to help with the final drawing. Using your ruler, connect the lines near the center to form a six-sided hexagon shape. Refer to the image for guidance on how your snowflake should look at this stage.

Step 3: Drawing the Snowflake

Now, we can start drawing the snowflake itself. Use the guiding lines from steps 1 and 2 as a reference and draw thick outlines around them. It’s recommended to continue using a pencil for now. After outlining the snowflake, erase the inner lines of the hexagon from step 2 to create a solid shape at the center of the snowflake.

Step 4: Adding Details

Your snowflake is taking shape! In this step, we’ll add some design details. The reference image shows an example design, but feel free to get creative and make your own unique snowflake variations. Draw small “arms” extending from the snowflake outline, and then erase the base of each arm to blend them into the snowflake.

Step 5: Final Touches

Your snowflake drawing is almost complete! In this step, add a few smaller “arms” to the snowflake, similar to the previous step but on a smaller scale. Once you’re satisfied with the design, trace over the pencil outlines with a pen or darker pencil. Finally, carefully erase all the pencil lines, ensuring the ink is dry to avoid smudging.

Bonus: Snowflake Decorations

This guide focuses on drawing snowflakes, but you can also use your creation for various crafts. As the holiday season approaches, surprise your family with snowflake-themed decorations. Use your drawing as a tree topper or create table and mantle decorations. Cut out the outline of the snowflake and affix it to a cone-shaped cardboard structure using strong glue. Get creative and explore other craft ideas!

Step 6: Adding Color

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a snowflake. Now, it’s time to add some color and bring your artwork to life. The reference image suggests using light blue, but feel free to use your favorite colors or experiment with different art mediums like acrylic paints, watercolors, colored pens, or pencils. Let your creativity shine! You can even try different color combinations and variations on a single page.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Snowflake Drawing

To make your snowflake drawing even more unique, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Explore different branch shapes to give your snowflakes distinct designs.
  2. Fill the page with multiple snowflakes to create a snowy atmosphere.
  3. Add a background setting, such as a cartoon character with their tongue out, to add a playful touch.
  4. Experiment with art mediums like glitter or construction paper to create texture and depth.
  5. Share your masterpiece on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for others to admire!

Drawing a snowflake may seem daunting, but breaking it down into simple steps makes it achievable and enjoyable. With practice, you’ll develop your own style and create stunning snowflake artworks. Remember to visit our site regularly for more step-by-step drawing guides. We can’t wait to see your incredible and unique snowflakes!

Snowflake Drawing Steps

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