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How to Draw Chibi Hair (For Complete Beginners)

Drawing hair can be challenging, especially when it comes to anime and chibi styles. The level of detail required can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, with practice, it becomes easier to master. That’s why I want to share a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw chibi hair for beginners. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have some experience with anime and chibi characters, this guide will break it down in a way that’s easy to understand.

Step 1: Drawing the Chibi Character’s Head and Face

Before we dive into the hair, let’s start with the foundation – the head and face. Begin by drawing a simple circle for the head. Then, shape the chibi face, ensuring that the bottom part is squished and flattened for a cute and youthful look. Add the facial features, such as the eyes, mouth, and ears, using a rough guideline for reference. If you’re interested in more detailed guidance for drawing chibi characters, check out this recommended book.

Step 2: Drawing Chibi Hair (Long Hair)

Now it’s time to tackle the hair. Always consider the direction of the hair growth when drawing – it will make the process much easier. Start with the bangs, which are relatively straightforward to draw. For this tutorial, we’ll focus on straight bangs that cut across the eyebrows. Remember to add some spaces between the sections to create a realistic look. Next, incorporate side bangs to give your character a youthful appearance. Draw the sides of the hair, ensuring that the ends are curved for added realism. Don’t forget to add volume to the top of the hair to make it look fluffy and thick. Once you’re satisfied with the shape, you can move on to coloring the hair.

Step 3: Coloring Chibi Hair

Coloring hair, especially black hair, requires some understanding of color theory. Instead of using pure black, opt for dark shades of blue or purple for a more natural look. Start by coloring the hair with a dark purplish-blue shade. Remember to darken the inner portion of the hair to create shadows. Then, think about where the light source is coming from and add curved highlights accordingly. To achieve this, you can draw a rough line to guide your placement. Lastly, add highlights to the edge of the hair and side bangs. This will bring the chibi hair to life.

Step 4: Drawing Short Chibi Hair

Now let’s explore how to draw short hair on a chibi character. Begin by following the same steps for drawing the head and face as we did in Step 1. Use a reference or real people’s hairstyles to guide your outline. For this tutorial, let’s draw a bob cut with pointy bangs. Divide the bangs into sections and continue drawing pointy bangs until you reach the ear. Then, draw the rest of the hair, maintaining the same pointy edges. Once you’re happy with the outline, you can color the hair. Consider using a light pink color for a fun twist. Don’t forget to add highlights to enhance the details.

Step 5: Drawing Space Buns on a Chibi Character

Space buns are a popular hairstyle in anime and chibi art. To draw space buns, start by outlining where you want to place them and how you want the side bangs to look. Then, draw straight bangs and side bangs using the same technique as before. Complete the outline of the chibi hair, erasing any rough lines or mistakes along the way. Add definition to the buns by incorporating a few lines. Now it’s time to color the hair. Choose a base color, such as light blonde, and add highlights to give the hair depth and dimension.

Step 6: Drawing a Ponytail on a Chibi Character

Ponytails are another popular choice for anime and chibi hair. Begin with a simple guideline and aim for a poofy and voluminous ponytail. For this tutorial, we’ll add pointy bangs that are slightly angled to the side. You can curl some locks of hair for a playful look. Once you’re satisfied with the outline, color the hair with a chestnut brown shade. Lastly, add highlights and shadows to give the ponytail depth and dimension.

Takeaway: How to Draw Chibi Hair Resources

Drawing anime and chibi hair takes practice, but there are resources available to help you improve. For additional tutorials and guides on drawing hair and people, check out the provided links. If you’re interested in mastering chibi characters from scratch, consider enrolling in an in-depth course that covers everything from drawing basics to coloring techniques. Additionally, if you’re new to Procreate, there’s a recommended course that can help you get started. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be creating beautiful chibi hairstyles with confidence!

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