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How to Draw an Anime Guy Body Step By Step Tutorial

Drawing anime guy step by step

Drawing male characters in the anime and manga style can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to understand the correct proportions of the male body to create an authentic and visually appealing result. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of drawing an anime guy body, ensuring that you achieve expert-level results.

Step 1 – Establishing the Overall Shape of the Male Body

Drawing anime guy entire body structure

To begin, we recommend starting with a front view of the male body. Draw a vertical line that is at least as tall as the entire body. This will serve as a guide to ensure symmetry. Additionally, if you are drawing both the front and side views simultaneously, it’s essential to match the proportions of both perspectives. Drawing a horizontal line connecting corresponding body parts in each view will assist in achieving this alignment. Consider using vertical lines as measurements before commencing the actual drawing.

Drawing the Head

Drawing anime guy head structure

When drawing the head, aim for a shape that closely resembles a circle in the front view and a slight oval in the side view. Take your time to ensure accurate proportions. For more detailed instructions on drawing male faces, you may refer to the following tutorials:

Drawing the Body

Drawing anime guy body structure

Anime bodies are typically about as wide as two heads. However, keep in mind that the size of the character you are drawing may affect this proportion. Muscular characters, for instance, may have smaller heads in relation to their bodies. Experiment with different body types to create diverse and unique characters.

Drawing the Arms

Drawing anime guy arm structure

The length of the arms should be approximately equal to the length of the body. When adding hands, make sure that the arms appear longer than the body. In the examples provided in this tutorial, the arms are slightly lifted to the sides. This adds a dynamic and natural feel to the character.

Drawing the Legs

Drawing anime guy leg structure

The legs should be drawn to be approximately the same length as the head and body combined. Remember to maintain symmetry between the legs.

Step 2 – Refining Your Drawing

Drawing anime guy body

Once you have sketched out the basic proportions of the body, take the time to clean up your drawing. This involves refining the lines and creating a clear outline of the body.

Step 3 – Adding the Details

Drawing anime guy body details

With the body outline complete, it’s time to add the finer details such as hair and facial features. For a character with a moderately fit physique, you can hint at the chest and stomach muscles without overly emphasizing them. For more assistance with drawing these details, consider referring to the following tutorials:

For a more muscular male body, you can find additional guidance in the tutorial “How to Draw Anime Muscular Male Body Step by Step”.

Step 4 – Incorporating Clothing

Drawing anime guy shorts

In this tutorial, we will focus primarily on drawing the body itself. However, we will briefly touch upon drawing clothing by adding shorts to our character. Feel free to experiment with different styles and designs to suit your preferences.

Step 5 – Adding Color and Shading

Anime guy color drawing

To bring your character to life, you can utilize a technique known as “Cel Shading” to add color and shading. Cel shading, characterized by a absence of gradients commonly seen in anime, works best with this art style. When shading, imagine the main light source to be above and in front of the character. This will create shadows that naturally fall on the neck and other areas. For a more detailed tutorial on coloring an anime character, refer to the tutorial “How to Color an Anime Character Step by Step”.


With the shading complete, you have successfully followed this tutorial on drawing an anime male body. If you are interested in drawing the female body in the anime style, consider referring to our tutorial “How to Draw an Anime Girl Body Step by Step”. Additionally, if you wish to draw a younger male character, the tutorial “How to Draw an Anime Boy Full Body Step by Step” may be valuable. Remember, practice and experimentation are key to improving your skills as an artist. Enjoy the process and have fun creating unique characters in the dynamic world of anime and manga!

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