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How to Draw a Baby Face

how to draw a baby face

When it comes to drawing a baby face, it’s essential to understand that the features of a small child differ significantly from those of an adult. Even if you have mastered drawing portraits of grown-ups, creating a perfect child portrait requires practice and specific skills. To assist artists of all levels, we have composed this comprehensive guide that will help you hone your ability to draw children.

Step 1: Getting Started

Begin by sketching an oval shape in the center of your sheet of paper. Remember not to aim for a perfectly straight outline, and utilize light lines for this initial step.

drawing a baby face

Step 2: Guiding Lines and Facial Features

Draw two intersecting guidelines – a vertical one to indicate facial symmetry and a horizontal one to determine the eye placement. Take note that the horizontal guideline should be positioned in the lower third of the face, not in the center of the oval. Use short strokes to mark the positions of the eyes, nose, and lips.

how do you draw a baby face

Step 3: Drawing the Eyes

The baby’s eyes are elongated and resemble lemon shapes. Pay attention to the strokes from the previous step. Remember that the baby’s eyes are relatively close together, and the horizontal guideline does not divide the eyes symmetrically. The upper part of the eye is larger than the lower part, contributing to a realistic appearance.

how to draw a baby face for beginners

Step 4: Adding Detail to the Eyes

To bring the baby’s eyes to life, incorporate additional details. Draw two circles inside the eye outlines, varying their sizes. Use smooth arched lines to depict the upper and lower eyelids, ensuring they align with the eye contours. For a tired cartoon effect, focus on the lower eyelids.

how to draw a realistic baby face step by step

Step 5: Outlining the Hair and Eyebrows

Outline the baby’s hair by drawing a single line representing a hairline. Keep in mind the distance from the hair to the eyes, as it significantly influences the overall shape of the face. Refer to the auxiliary facial guidelines. Above the eyes, sketch elongated shapes to represent the eyebrows.

how to draw a baby boy face

Step 6: Shaping the Nose

When drawing the baby’s nose, focus on the top stroke along the horizontal line. This stroke signifies the position of the nose tip, which resembles a small mushroom. Be aware that facial features in babies differ from those of adults, so don’t be alarmed if your drawing incorporates unique characteristics.

how to draw a face of a baby

Step 7: Drawing the Mouth

Drawing the baby’s mouth entails creating two smooth, curved lines. The top line is longer and more pronounced, while the bottom line resembles a small arc. Pay attention to the distances between the nose, chin, and mouth, as altering these proportions can drastically change the overall face shape.

how to draw a baby face step by step for beginners

Step 8: Emphasizing the Cheeks

Babies are recognized for their disproportionately large and round cheeks. Depict this contour by curving the bottom of the baby’s face. Tapering the head contour slightly at the temples will enhance this effect.

how to draw a baby face realistic

Step 9: Adding Ears

Draw rounded, small ears for the baby. The lower parts of the ears should align with the tip of the nose, while the upper parts should line up with the eyebrows. For accurate ear depiction, refer to an ear anatomy tutorial to include all necessary inner lines.

how to draw a baby face step by step

Step 10: Finalizing the Portrait

Remove any unnecessary construction lines from the drawing. Refine the final outlines of all facial and head features, ensuring their accuracy. Introduce light shadows using hatching techniques, paying particular attention to the intensity of the pupils.

how to draw a baby face easy

Step 11: Celebration and Further Artistic Endeavors

Congratulations on completing your baby face drawing! Ensure the proportions and lines are correct before erasing any remaining extra lines. Enhance the eyes and nose with additional shadows. Feel free to explore drawing other children and teenagers.

how to draw a baby face

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