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How to Draw Blade from Marvel

how to draw Blade

Welcome, fellow artists and comic enthusiasts, to this tutorial on drawing Blade from Marvel Comics. Developed by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, Blade made his first appearance in the tenth issue of The Tomb of Dracula comic in 1973.

Step 1: Creating the Skeleton

To ensure symmetry and proportionality in your Blade drawing, it’s important to start with a “Stickman” – a skeleton-like framework for the character. Begin by sketching an oval for the head and a simple line for the neck and spine. From the spine’s line, outline the thorax, pelvis, arms, and legs using basic lines.

how to draw Blade

Step 2: Outlining the Body

Next, draw two intersecting lines at the center of the face. Proceed to outline the neck and torso, which tapers at the waist. Use simple geometric shapes like circles for the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Transform the arms and legs into cylindrical forms. Observe the example for the depiction of hands and feet.

how to draw Blade the vampire

Step 3: Adding Details

Now it’s time to focus on the details. Begin by drawing the eyes (or in this case, glasses), followed by the nose and mouth. Utilize simple lines to shape the hair and ears. To illustrate Blade’s iconic long coat, use elongated lines. Finish off by adding pants and a sword in his hands.

how to draw Blade step by step

Step 4: Refining the Features

In this step, switch to clean and bold lines. Start from the head and work downwards. Carefully draw the glasses, then proceed to the nose and lips. Outline the head’s contours and add hair details. Remember to include facial folds and a subtle mustache.

how to draw Blade the vampire

Step 5: Shaping the Collar

Now, let’s focus on Blade’s neck. Draw it with precision, erasing any unnecessary lines. Outline the distinct shape of the wide collar based on the provided example.

how to draw blade step by step

Step 6: Crafting the Arms and Sword

Switch to clear and bold lines again to carefully draw the outlines of Blade’s sleeves. Add folds around the armpits and elbows. Proceed by shaping his clenched fists. Finally, depict a long sword tightly gripped in his hands.

how to draw blade from Marvel

Step 7: Outlining the Coat

In this simple step, use long and precise lines to draw the lower part of Blade’s coat. Add vertical folds to create the illusion of flowing fabric. Erase any remaining guidelines.

how to draw Blade from Marvel

Step 8: Defining the Bottom Half

The drawing of Blade is nearly complete. Proceed by outlining the outline of Blade’s body. Carefully draw the belt and pants, paying attention to the folds as shown in the example. Lastly, draw the shoes and remove any remaining unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

Blade drawing

Step 9: Adding Shadows

To enhance the depth and realism of your drawing, add shadows using hatching techniques. Shade the hair and glasses with fine lines. Apply hatching to areas where light doesn’t hit, creating more dimension.

how to draw Blade

Today, we’ve guided you through the process of drawing Blade from Marvel Comics. Here are a couple of useful tips before you embark on your own artwork. Consider using ink or a liner to finalize your drawing. Additionally, try viewing your work in a mirror to spot any proportion distortions.

Now, unleash your artistic powers and have fun with your Blade drawings!

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