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How to Draw A Boat Step by Step

This comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to draw a sail boat in a simple and approachable manner. With nine easy-to-follow steps, complete with detailed illustrations and instructions, you’ll be able to create your own sail boat drawing in no time.

Boat drawing step by step

Before we get started, gather a pencil for light sketching (which can be easily erased), a black pen or marker for finalizing the lines, and optionally, colored pencils or paints for adding vibrant colors to your drawing.

Step 1 – Sketch the Boat Hull

To begin, draw the boat’s hull as shown in the example. Ensure that you leave ample space at the top of your page or drawing area for the mast and sails. The hull is outlined using three slightly curved lines: one for the front, one for the top, and one for the back. Omit the bottom of the hull as it would be submerged in water, and slightly raise the front of the boat.

Boat hull drawing

Step 2 – Depict the Surrounding Water

Add a wavy line along the bottom of the boat’s hull to represent water ripples. Above the water line, draw straight horizon lines at each end of the boat to indicate the horizon. Unlike the water ripples, the horizon line can be drawn as a straight line.

Boat water drawing

Step 3 – Render the Cabin

Next, extend a cabin from the middle of the hull. Sketch a flat top, a sloping front, and a steeper slope at the back of the cabin.

Boat cabin drawing

Step 4 – Draw the Mast

From the top of the cabin, draw a straight pole as the mast. Attach another part near the bottom of the mast, pointing backward, known as the boom.

Boat mast drawing

Step 5 – Sketch the Sails

Now, draw the sails. The front sail should be slightly curved forward, leaving a small gap between it, the mast, and the front tip of the boat. Connect the back sail directly to the mast and boom with a lightly curved line.

You can also add a flag at the top of the mast, pointing forward with a gentle fold to convey movement in the wind.

Boat sails drawing

Step 6 – Add the Ropes

Illustrate the ropes that tie the front sail to the mast and the bow (front tip of the boat). Additionally, draw a rope extending from the boom to the hull.

Boat details drawing

Step 7 – Incorporate Windows

Include windows on the cabin by following the example. The middle windows should be rectangular with slightly rounded corners. The front window should appear cut-off by the front of the cabin, and the back window’s end should match the angled end of the cabin. Maintain consistent spacing between the windows.

Boat windows drawing

Step 8 – Finalize the Line Drawing

Enhance the depth of your drawing by extending the water ripples below the wavy line at the hull’s bottom. Make the waves larger near the bottom of the image and gradually smaller near the boat. This perspective technique adds depth to your drawing.

Afterward, go over your lines with a black pen, marker, or darken them with a pencil for a clean and finished look.

Boat line drawing

Step 9 – Color the Boat

Finally, add color to your boat and the surrounding water/sky. It is recommended to use water-based paints or colored pencils to achieve a pleasing effect. Avoid using markers, as they may produce overly vibrant colors.

Color the elements as follows:

  • Brown hull
  • Yellow cabin
  • Blue windows
  • Light yellow sails
  • Blue flag
  • Green/blue water
  • Light blue sky

Feel free to experiment with different colors for the boat if you prefer a unique look.

Boat drawing


This tutorial provides a simplified approach to drawing a sail boat, focusing on the essential elements and avoiding intricate details or complex shading. By following these steps and utilizing a well-chosen color palette, you can create a visually pleasing and straightforward sail boat drawing.

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