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How to Draw A Bunny Face – A Step by Step Guide

how to draw bunny face in 6 steps

There are numerous cute animals out there, but one that consistently captures hearts is the adorable bunny. With its charming face, it’s no wonder that many people want to learn how to draw a bunny face to express their fondness for this lovable creature. If you’re eager to acquire this skill, then you’ve come to the right place. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of drawing a bunny face with ease.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

bunny face drawing step 1

To begin, you’ll need a pencil. In this initial step, we’ll be drawing some guiding shapes that won’t be visible in the final image. Start by drawing a large horizontal oval, then add a smaller one overlapping the top. Finally, include two vertical, slightly diagonal ovals above the top oval to form the bunny’s ears. Once you’ve completed this step, let’s move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Draw the Outline of Your Bunny Face Drawing

bunny face drawing step 2

Now, you can switch to a pen or a darker pencil. Based on the ovals you drew in step 1, trace the outline of the head and ears. Refer to the image to ensure the correct positioning. Once you’re satisfied with the outline, erase the pencil lines from step 1, and let’s proceed!

Step 3 – Next, Draw the Insides of the Bunny Ears

bunny face drawing step 3

In this step, we’ll focus on the inner parts of the bunny ears. Inside each ear, draw rounded shapes with small curved lines at the bottom. These details will add depth and character to your bunny face drawing.

Step 4 – Now, Draw the Facial Features of the Bunny

bunny face drawing step 4

No bunny face drawing is complete without its face! In this step, we’ll add a cute face to our creation. Start by drawing two circles for the eyes. Then, use an oval shape for the nose and draw two curved lines below the nose to represent the mouth. It’s as simple as that to create an adorable little face for your bunny. With that done, we just have a few more details to add before we can start coloring!

Step 5 – Finish off the Final Details of the Face

bunny face drawing step 5

In this fifth step, we’ll add some final details before moving on to the last step. Draw three lines on each cheek to represent the bunny’s whiskers. Additionally, give the bunny its characteristic bunny teeth by drawing straight lines extending downward from the mouth, with a center line. These details bring your bunny face to life. Feel free to add any extra details or unleash your creativity!

Step 6 – Finish off Your Bunny Face Drawing with Some Color

bunny face drawing step 6

Congratulations, you’ve reached the final step of your bunny face drawing! Now, it’s your chance to showcase your creativity. You can use any colors you like to fill in your drawing. Whether you prefer vibrant hues like pink, blue, or purple, or a more realistic color scheme, the choice is yours. Select your favorite art medium, such as acrylic paints, colored pens, watercolors, or colored pencils, to bring your creation to life. Remember, there are no wrong answers here. Express yourself and make your bunny face drawing truly unique!

Extra Ideas to Enhance Your Bunny Face Drawing

Bonus: Turn Your Bunny Face Drawing into a Fun Face Mask

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not transform your bunny face drawing into a cool face mask? Start by drawing the face on a large piece of cardboard. Ensure it’s big enough to cover the average face, and if required, obtain an extra-large piece of cardboard. Carefully cut out the bunny face, including holes for the eyes. Adjust the eye holes to align with your own eyes. Attach a long piece of elastic band to the sides of the mask or create small holes and tie the elastic band securely. Voila! You now have a fun mask to wear.

Additional Ideas to Enhance Your Bunny Face Drawing

If making a mask isn’t your thing, there are other ways to take your drawing further. Consider drawing more of the rabbit’s body, adding a background, or even including props like tasty carrots. Feel free to explore your creative imagination and make your bunny face drawing even more captivating!

3 More Tips to Make Your Bunny Face Drawing a Breeze!

  1. Simplify the Drawing: If you prefer a minimalist style or want to make the process easier, consider removing details and simplifying the overall shape. This approach can result in a style that appeals to you.

  2. Seek Inspiration from Real Rabbits: Although this bunny face drawing is cartoonish, you can still draw inspiration from real rabbits. If you have a pet rabbit, observe its face and adapt the features to the cartoon style. Alternatively, you can browse online images of rabbits to help you capture realistic elements in your drawing.

  3. Make Use of Preliminary Sketches: Before finalizing your bunny face drawing, utilize light pencil sketches to establish proportions. Start with basic shapes to outline the face, gradually adding finer details. This preparation technique will simplify the drawing process and help you create a polished final result.

Your Bunny Face Drawing is Complete!

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this step-by-step guide on how to draw a bunny face. We hope this tutorial was not only helpful but also enjoyable. Now that you’ve created your delightful bunny face drawing, let your creativity continue to flourish. Add a cute cartoon body, experiment with various art mediums, or create captivating backgrounds. This is your chance to showcase your talent and make your bunny face drawing truly your own.

Remember, we have an abundance of step-by-step drawing guides for every taste and skill level. Be sure to explore our collection and revisit us frequently for new guides. Once you’ve completed your bunny face drawing, we would love to see it! Share your masterpiece on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and let us admire your adorable and imaginative bunny faces!

how to draw a bunny face in 6 easy steps

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