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How To Draw a Monkey: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Learn the art of drawing monkeys to expand your artistic skills. Monkeys possess unique features that make them an interesting subject for artists, as they combine both animal and human characteristics. However, drawing them simply because they are adorable is always an option.

How To Draw a Monkey

Types of Monkeys to Sketch

With over 300 species of monkeys, it is impossible to list them all. However, here are a few monkeys that are enjoyable to draw.

Spider Monkey

  • Petite in size
  • Pink or brown face
  • Dark fur
  • Large eyes
  • Slender limbs

Proboscis Monkey

  • Oblong nose
  • Orange fur
  • Small eyes
  • Thick limbs
  • Large belly


  • Red nose
  • Blue ridges on the face
  • Black and orange fur
  • Vibrant posterior


  • Recognizable “pigtails”
  • Some variants are pygmy-sized
  • Black and white or brown fur
  • Unusual-shaped nose
  • Orange or brown eyes

Golden Lion Tamarin

  • Vibrant orange fur
  • Fluffy appearance
  • Possesses a mane
  • Thin tail

Tips for Drawing a Monkey

To create authentic monkey drawings, consider the following tips:

  • Commit to a specific type: Choose a particular monkey species and stick with it to create a realistic representation, rather than a hybrid creature.
  • Pay attention to facial features: Most monkeys have less hair on their faces, as well as on their hands and feet.
  • Variations in eye size: The size and brightness of a monkey’s eyes depend on its specific species.
  • Don’t overlook the ears: It’s easy to forget to include ears, especially when they are small or unremarkable.
  • Capture their personality: Monkeys possess a multitude of characteristics that artists can use to their advantage.
  • Explore other primates: While lemurs and apes are not monkeys, they can still be enjoyable subjects to draw.

How to Draw a Monkey: 10 Effortless Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

Cartoon monkeys are adorable and full of personality. Use Articco Drawing for guidance in drawing a youthful cartoon monkey.

2. How to Draw a Monkey Face

How To Draw A Monkey Face

Before tackling the body, it’s beneficial to learn how to draw a monkey’s face. PiKasso Draw offers an excellent tutorial for this.

3. How to Draw a Cute Monkey

How To Draw A Cute Monkey

While cute monkeys are already charming, you can draw them in a way that enhances their cuteness. HTDraw is a great resource to get started.

4. Spider Monkey Drawing Tutorial

A Spider Monkey Drawing Tutorial

Spider monkeys are small and lean. Additionally, they make interesting primate pets. Learn to draw a realistic spider monkey with the help of How2DrawAnimals.

5. How to Draw a Simple Monkey

How To Draw A Simple Monkey

For beginners, drawing a complex monkey can be daunting. Start with this super simple monkey drawing tutorial by UCIDraw.

6. Drawing a Monkey for Kids

Drawing A Monkey For Kids

Even children who are just beginning their artistic journey can learn to draw a monkey. Art for Kids Hub is a fantastic resource for kid-friendly drawing tutorials.

7. How to Draw a Monkey in a Tree

How To Draw A Monkey In A Tree

Baby monkeys are undeniably adorable, especially when depicted hanging from a tree. Taposhi Arts Academy provides a tutorial on drawing a cute monkey in a tree.

8. A Mother and Child Monkey Drawing Tutorial

A Mother And Child Monkey Drawing Tutorial

Drawing a mother and child monkey is heartwarming and evokes tender emotions. Check out Art JanaG’s underrated tutorial on this subject.

9. How to Draw a Monkey with Bananas

How To Draw A Monkey With Bananas

Monkeys are often associated with their love for bananas, which is frequently depicted in artwork. Learn to draw a monkey holding a banana with the assistance of Draw So Cute.

10. How to Draw a Cool Monkey

How To Draw A Cool Monkey

A monkey wearing glasses adds a touch of coolness to the character. Explore Articco Drawing for guidance on drawing a stylish monkey.

How to Draw a Realistic Monkey Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we will focus on drawing a spider monkey.


  • Paper
  • Blending stump
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil (optional)

Step 1: Draw Two Circles

Begin by sketching two circles. One will represent the body, while the smaller one will define the shoulder and rump.

Step 2: Connect Them

Connect the circles at the center to establish the foundation of the monkey’s body. Then, connect the circles on the outer edges to complete the body outline.

Step 3: Draw Legs

Draw the base of the legs, which resemble human legs in the back and arms in the front.

Step 4: Add a Tail

Include a tail that curls slightly at the end. Ensure the tail has a noticeable thickness.

Step 5: Add a Head and Volume

Draw a head slightly larger than the shoulder circle. Then, add volume to the body and legs to give them a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 6: Shape Feet

Shaping monkey feet can be challenging, but don’t be afraid to adjust and redo them if needed. The toes are typically long, while the base of the feet is relatively small.

Step 7: Draw the Face

To create the face, extend the lines downward from the circle you drew initially. Then, draw expressive, mask-like eyes. Monkeys lack snouts, but their faces protrude more than humans, with the nose blending into the rest of their facial structure.

Step 8: Draw Ears

Monkey ears are relatively simple to draw. Place them on either side of the head and add additional facial details.

Step 9: Add Fur

This step breathes life into your drawing. Add fur around the face, then gradually work your way down, covering the legs.

Step 10: Shade and Blend

For a realistic monkey, shading and blending are critical. Pupils should be shaded in 6B pencil or at least 4B. Use a 4B pencil for the shadows and a 2B pencil for lighter areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Drawing a Monkey Challenging?

No, drawing a monkey is not difficult, as you can start with simpler depictions. However, if you wish to excel and tackle more advanced drawings, the difficulty level will increase.

What Does a Monkey Symbolize in Art?

In most cultures, monkeys symbolize fun, youth, and energy. Nonetheless, artist Frida Kahlo perceived them as tender and sweet symbols—representing the children she never had—deviating from the lustful associations monkeys typically have in Mexican culture.

What Are the Benefits of Drawing a Monkey?

Drawing monkeys allows you to practice drawing various animal features. Moreover, it can be a delightful experience for those who adore these creatures.


Learning how to draw a monkey not only enhances your animal drawing skills but also introduces the playful and mischievous nature of these fascinating creatures. It serves as a refreshing break from drawing still life or more serious animal subjects. So, remember to enjoy the process and not stress over the outcome.

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