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How To Draw A Cartoon Shark – A Step by Step Guide

Sharks are fascinating creatures that often evoke fear and curiosity. These majestic predators come in various shapes and sizes, gracefully navigating the depths of the ocean in search of prey. Although movies like Jaws have contributed to the negative image associated with sharks, it’s important to recognize and appreciate their incredible nature.

In this guide, we will focus on the fun and creative side of these amazing animals as we explore how to draw a cartoon shark. Not only will this tutorial demonstrate how easy it can be to draw a cartoon shark, but it will also highlight the joy and excitement that comes with the artistic process.

how to draw a cartoon shark in 6 steps

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Drawing the Head Outline

To begin, we’ll outline the head of our cartoon shark. Start by drawing the eye, which consists of a solid black circle surrounded by two increasingly larger ovals. Above the eye, add a curved line to depict the forehead. The back of the head can be drawn with a simple curved line, while the front of the head should also be curved sharply inwards to form the nose. Don’t forget to add two nostrils and the distinctive fin on top of the head.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 1

Step 2: Adding the Fin and Facial Features

In this step, we will draw the pectoral fin and further develop the head and face of our cartoon shark. The pectoral fin, located on the sides of the body, can be created using curved lines that taper to a pointy tip. Additionally, draw a wavy line that starts above the nose, passes by the eye, and curves at the end.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 2

Step 3: Sketching the Mouth and Body

Next, let’s focus on the mouth and body of our cartoon shark. Draw the large, open mouth without the teeth for now. Use a rounded line that extends down from the mouth, and add a curved lip underneath. Connect the mouth to the wavy line we drew on the face in the previous step. This wavy line now serves as the belly of the shark.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 3

Step 4: Completing the Body Outline

Before adding finer details, let’s complete the outline of the body and fins. The body should gradually get thinner towards the tailfin. The tailfin itself should fan outwards with curved lines, featuring sharp tips at the ends. Lastly, draw another pectoral fin sticking out to the right from the side of the mouth. With this step, the basic shape of our cartoon shark is complete.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 4

Step 5: Adding Details and Teeth

Now, it’s time to add some defining details to our cartoon shark. Begin by drawing three curved gills on the side of the head. Next, focus on the teeth, which are a key characteristic of sharks. Draw each tooth individually, rounding them with sharp tips extending inward. To create a realistic look, ensure the base of each tooth doesn’t touch the sides of the mouth. Feel free to add any extra details you desire to make your cartoon shark unique and lively.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 5

Bonus: Additional Tips for Your Cartoon Shark Drawing

If you encountered any difficulties during the drawing process, don’t worry! Even the most skilled artists face challenges. If certain details, like the teeth, proved challenging, consider simplifying them while still maintaining the overall design. Alternatively, you can choose to draw the shark with its mouth completely closed, offering a different but equally enjoyable outcome. Remember, there’s no shame in adjusting the design to suit your comfort level.

To enhance your drawing, refer to real-life pictures of different shark species to gain a better understanding of proportions and details. Sketching preliminary drafts with pencils can also help overcome challenges. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity by adding your own personal touches and extra characters!

Step 6: Add Color to Bring Your Cartoon Shark to Life

Now that your cartoon shark drawing is complete, it’s time to add color and vibrancy. For our reference image, we used various shades of blues for the outer areas of the body, complemented by light greys and beige tones for the inner portions. Pink was used for the tongue, while light reds highlighted the gums. Feel free to experiment with your color choices, using any combination that appeals to you. From colored pencils to watercolors, explore different art tools and mediums to achieve the desired effects.

how to draw a cartoon shark step 6

Take Your Cartoon Shark Drawing to the Next Level

To elevate your cartoon shark sketch, consider adding other elements and characters to the composition. For instance, you can incorporate a human character, such as a diver, who unknowingly encounters the fearsome shark. Alternatively, you can depict a small submarine or submersible that captivates the cartoon shark’s curiosity.

Adding additional ocean life forms is another way to enhance your drawing. Consider including more sharks or other marine creatures to interact with your cartoon shark. The possibilities are endless, and you can create captivating scenes based on how these characters interact with one another.

While we love the design of our cartoon shark, you can experiment with different art styles to achieve unique contrasts. For example, juxtapose your cartoon shark with a realistically drawn shark, using a photo as a reference. This exploration of contrasting art styles can yield fascinating results.

Lastly, don’t forget to complete your drawing with a captivating background. You can depict the ocean floor with plants and small fish or introduce buried treasures or sunken ships. The choice is yours, and it’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Your Cartoon Shark Drawing is Complete!

We hope you’ve enjoyed capturing the lighthearted essence of this fearsome predator through your cartoon shark drawing. Although this design may appear simple and cartoony, it required careful attention to detail. These steps aimed to demonstrate how easy it can be to draw a cartoon shark when you know how to approach it.

Now, feel free to add your own ideas, details, and extra elements to bring your drawing to life. Whether it’s an ocean background or other imaginative elements, the sky’s the limit. Don’t forget to share your completed cartoon shark drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We would love to see your incredible artwork!

how to draw a cartoon shark in 6 easy steps

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