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How to Draw a Cat Step by Step From Front View

This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing a sitting cat from the front view. With detailed illustrations for each step, even beginners will find it easier to follow along.

Sitting cat front view drawing step by step

Drawing animals can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to different poses. However, this tutorial breaks down the process of drawing a sitting cat in great detail, making it accessible for beginners.

Step 1 – Sketching Cat Proportions

Begin by sketching the major shapes of the cat’s body.

Cat sitting front view proportions sketch

To ensure symmetry, draw a vertical line to compare the width on both sides. Then, sketch the head, resembling an oval with squashed sides. Draw the body, resembling a droplet shape with the head resting on top. Add the outer shapes of the paws, without any intricate details like toes. Finally, sketch the rough shape of the front legs, curving slightly outwards about halfway up the body and then angling slightly inwards. Complete the sketch by adding the outer shapes of the ears and tail.

Step 2 – Cat Body Shape

Once you have established the basic proportions and shape of the cat, start adding smaller shapes and curves to define its body.

Cat sitting front view body sketch

Step 3 – Sketching Cat Face Proportions

Now, focus on the proportions of the cat’s face.

Cat sitting front view face proportions sketch

To guide the placement of the cat’s eyes, draw a horizontal line across the head. The eyes should resemble ovals with slightly pointed ends, angled slightly inwards. The nose should resemble a triangle with the bottom end slightly cut off. Add two sets of curved lines from the inner tips of the eyes towards the tip of the nose to represent the bridge of the cat’s nose. Finally, draw the mouth area with curved shapes on the top and bottom jaw.

Step 4 – Adding Details

Now it’s time to focus on the smaller details of the cat.

Cat sitting front view details sketch

Draw the pupils of the eyes as vertical ovals with pointed ends. On the paws, add division lines to indicate the individual toes. Keep in mind that the front paws are slightly angled, meaning the far toes will be less visible. The back paws are also angled, with one paw facing more towards the viewer and the other facing sideways. Therefore, one toe on the right-side leg will not be visible.

Step 5 – Outline Drawing

At this stage, remove all guidelines and trace over your drawing with more solid lines. Keep the strokes light if using pencil and paper, as you may need to erase parts in the final step.

Cat sitting front view outline drawing

Step 6 – Adding Minor Details

Now, you can start adding some additional details to bring the drawing to life. Fill in the eyes, excluding the reflections. Add details to the inner ear and forehead.

Cat sitting front view details drawing

Step 7 – Whiskers & Claws

In this step, draw the whiskers and eyebrow hairs. Vary the length and positioning of the hairs to make them look more natural. Remember that the overall shape of the whiskers should fan out fairly evenly. You may also choose to add claws or depict the claw areas on the front paws. Note that the claws of a relaxed cat are usually retracted and not easily visible.

Cat sitting front view whiskers and claws drawing

Step 8 – Adding Fur

Finally, you can add some finishing touches of fur. Pay attention to areas where the body curves and the neck, where some cats have a mane. Additionally, include some fur inside the ears, although it should appear less solid compared to the rest of the cat’s body. Draw the fur clumps in different sizes and slightly varied directions to create a more natural look.

Cat sitting front view drawing


Drawing a cat, especially for beginners, can be quite complex. For further assistance, consider studying photos of real cats in various positions to grasp a better understanding of their anatomy.

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