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How to Draw a Chicken – An Easy to Draw Chicken


Learn the art of drawing a chicken with ease! This tutorial will guide you through simple steps to create a recognizable and charming chicken. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, anyone can follow along and master the technique. Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore various colors and patterns inspired by folk art. Let’s dive in and draw a unique chicken that will stand out from the flock!

Materials Needed

To get started, gather the following materials:

  • White Card Stock or Mixed Media Paper
  • Black Crayon or Oil Pastel
  • Paint
  • White Acrylic Marker Pen

Step-by-Step Tutorial and Templates

Download our printable ‘How to Draw’ tutorial and templates to assist you throughout the process. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide, a completed chicken for coloring or tracing, and a basic body shape to embellish. Please note that the templates are available exclusively to members of the Arty Crafty Kids club. If you are not a member yet, you can join by logging in to access the templates here.

Video Tutorial: Follow Along!

Check out our video tutorial on how to draw a folksy little chicken. The visual demonstration will further assist you in mastering the technique.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Draw Half a Circle

Begin by drawing a large semi-circle shape to form the chest and body of the chicken. This shape can vary in width, narrowness, and depth, giving your chicken a unique appearance.

2. Draw a Short Straight Line

Next, draw a short vertical line from one of the tips of the semi-circle. This line will serve as a guide for drawing the chicken’s neck and head.

3. Draw an Oval to Complete the Chicken Shape

Draw a large oval shape to connect all the lines. This oval will represent the chicken’s neck and head. Make sure the oval is well-proportioned with the body.

4. Draw the First Tail Feather

Using a technique similar to our “how to draw a llama” tutorial, create the chicken’s tail feathers with continuous loop-the-loops. Practice making rounded squiggles before drawing on paper. Start with the first tail feather and draw one big loop in a smooth motion.

5. Draw Loop-the-Loops to Complete the Chicken’s Tail Feathers

Without lifting the crayon, continue drawing loop-the-loops to complete the chicken’s tail feathers. The loops add a sense of motion to the illustration.

6. Draw Loop-the-Loop Head Feathers

Use the same loop-the-loop technique to draw the chicken’s head feathers. Let your strokes flow naturally to create a fluffy texture.

7. Draw a Beak and Eye

Next, draw a small triangular beak and a solid oval black eye to give the chicken its facial features.

8. Draw Loop-the-Loop Wing Feathers

Follow the loop-the-loop technique once again to draw the chicken’s wing feathers. This will add more detail and character to the drawing.

9. Decorate the Chicken

Let your creativity shine! Add colorful and patterned aesthetics inspired by folk art to the chicken’s body. Fill it with flowers, spots, squiggles, or any design that sparks your Arty Crafty Kids’ imagination.

10. Draw a Pair of Chicken Legs

Once you have completed the chicken’s body, draw a pair of twiggy legs to support its stance.

11. Paint the Chicken

Use vibrant and bold colors to paint the chicken. Stay true to the folk art inspiration by using complementary shades. After applying the base colors, try adding dots or feather details using the tip of a paintbrush or a fine-tipped brush.

12. Add Finer Details

Enhance the drawing by adding finer details. Experiment with a contrasting white acrylic pen to bring out intricate patterns and highlights.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the “How to Draw a Chicken” tutorial. We hope you and your Arty Crafty Kids enjoy the process of creating unique chicken designs. We would love to see their masterpieces, so don’t forget to tag us on social media when sharing their works of art.

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