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How to Draw A Christmas Tree – A Step by Step Guide

Christmas is a magical season filled with joy, family, and vibrant colors. And what better symbol represents the essence of Christmas than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree?

If you’re feeling the Christmas spirit and want to learn how to draw a Christmas tree, you’ve come to the right place! In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through eight simple steps to help you create your very own Christmas tree masterpiece.

how to draw christmas tree in 8 steps

Let’s Get Started – Drawing Your Christmas Tree

Step 1 – Beginning with the Tree Tip

To start, we’ll focus on the tip of the Christmas tree. For now, there’s no need to add any decorations or details. Begin by drawing a curved triangle shape with a slightly inward-curved bottom. Refer to the image for guidance and inspiration.

christmas tree drawing step 1

Step 2 – Adding the Middle Section

In this step, we’ll draw the middle section of the tree. Similar to the previous step, this section will be longer in length. Draw two sections under the tip, referring to the image to determine the appropriate length.

christmas tree drawing step 2

Step 3 – Drawing More of the Tree

Now, let’s add two more sections to the tree. The first section should be longer, extending the branches outward. The final section will be shorter but still extend outward. Look to the reference image to guide you.

christmas tree drawing step 3

Step 4 – Drawing the Tree Bottom and Trunk

In this step, we’ll draw the bottom of the tree and the trunk. Use a curved, jagged line to connect the two ends of the tree’s bottom. The line should curve slightly downward, as shown in the picture. Next, add two lines with curved ends for the trunk of the tree.

christmas tree drawing step 4

Step 5 – Adding Small Details

Now that the main structure of the tree is complete, it’s time to add some small details. Draw small jagged lines inside the tree to create the illusion of depth and texture.

christmas tree drawing step 5

Step 6 – Adding More Details

Every Christmas tree needs a beautiful ornament on top. Draw a star or your favorite tree topper ornament at the tree’s highest point. Additionally, add lines to the trunk to give it a wood-like appearance.

christmas tree drawing step 6

Step 7 – adding Decorations

In this step, let your creativity shine by adding fun decorations to your tree drawing. Feel free to draw your favorite ornaments, tinsel, or even recreate the look of your last Christmas tree. Make it uniquely yours!

christmas tree drawing step 7

Step 8 – Adding Color

Now, it’s time to add color to your masterpiece! Embrace the festive spirit of Christmas and let your imagination run wild. Use bright and vibrant art mediums like colored markers, pens, or acrylic paints to bring your drawing to life. Alternatively, choose watercolors for a softer look.

christmas tree drawing step 8

Bonus: Transforming Your Drawing into a Unique Christmas Gift

Now that you’ve created a beautiful Christmas tree drawing, you might be wondering how to utilize it. There are numerous ways to turn your artwork into a heartwarming Christmas gift.

Consider making cool decorations by folding cardboard into cones and attaching your cut-out tree drawings. You can also create hanging ornaments by stringing together multiple tree drawings.

Additionally, transform your drawing into a heartfelt Christmas card or frame it as a special keepsake. The possibilities are endless!

Take Your Christmas Tree Drawing to the Next Level

Looking to enhance your Christmas tree drawing even further? Here are some festive tips to make it even more enchanting:

  • Experiment with personalized, handmade ornaments to add a unique touch to your drawing.
  • Utilize vibrant art tools like markers, pens, or acrylic paints to capture the rich colors of Christmas.
  • Incorporate crafts and materials like glitter, glitter glue, or stickers for added texture and sparkle.
  • Consider adding background elements such as presents or a frosty window to create a festive setting.

With these extras, your Christmas tree drawing will truly stand out and bring joy to all who see it!

Your Christmas Tree Drawing is Complete!

Drawing a Christmas tree can initially seem challenging, but with this step-by-step guide, we’ve made it fun and accessible. We hope you enjoyed the process and found it easy to follow!

Now, it’s time to bring your drawing to life by coloring it in and adding your favorite decorations. We’d love for you to share your festive artworks on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Let’s celebrate the beauty of colorful Christmas trees together!

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