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How to Draw a Bunny Easy: Draw a Cute Bunny Step by Step

Learn the art of drawing an adorable bunny with this simple step-by-step tutorial. This guide will teach you how to create a bunny using basic shapes, making it suitable for all ages!

how to draw a bunny

Required Drawing Supplies

To begin your bunny-drawing journey, all you need is a medium of your choice, such as pen, pencil, or crayon, and a piece of paper. No fancy tools are required! However, if you’re looking for high-quality drawing supplies, check out the best tools for drawing here.

Step 1: Drawing the Bunny Head

Start by drawing an oval at a slight angle, with the downward-facing side serving as a guide for the head’s details.

Drawing a bunny head

Step 2: Adding the Bunny Nose, Mouth, and Jaw Shape

Extend a rounded shape from the bottom of the oval. It should resemble a U-shape with a slight point in the middle, connecting the top and bottom of the circle.

Add shape for bunny nose, mouth, and jaw

Step 3: Incorporating the Bunny Ear

Return to the top of the circle and draw a carrot-shaped structure to form the bunny’s ear.

Add bunny ear

Step 4: Sketching the Bunny’s Body Shape

Move to the back of the bunny and draw a larger oval at an angle. Make it approximately one and a half times the size of the head oval, positioning it behind the ear.

Draw shape for bunny’s body

Step 5: Connecting Bunny’s Body to Head

Create an arc starting slightly before the bottom of the back oval and extending towards the chin of the bunny (the U shape). Leave some space between the arc and the point.

Add line to connect bunny’s body to head

Step 6: Drawing the Second Bunny Ear

Behind the ear and head, draw a small line to connect the top of the larger oval with the smaller oval. Here, you will also add the second ear. Sketch an elongated “D” shape next to the first ear, making it slightly thinner.

Draw second bunny ear

Step 7: Adding Bunny’s Back Feet

At the base of the larger oval, create a foot shape. Begin with a carrot shape and flatten it out at the bottom where it meets the ground. Then, leave space for the heel and draw a gentle line upwards toward the larger oval. Repeat the process for the second back foot, omitting the heel halfway up the bottom arc.

Add bunny’s back feet

Step 8: Including Bunny’s Front Feet

It’s time for the front feet! Draw an inward curve from a quarter of the way into the arc’s space. Extend the curve outward to create a slight bump for the toes. Finish it off with a flat line at the same level as the back feet. Repeat this step for the second front foot.

Add bunny’s front feet

Step 9: Drawing Bunny’s Tail

Add a cute cottontail on the outer side of the larger oval. Draw a simple half-circle to represent the bunny’s tail.

Draw shape for bunny’s tail

Step 10: Adding Details by Overlapping Shapes

Similar to the dragon-drawing technique, erase the overlapping lines, but leave a few visible to define the jaw, chin, bottom, and where the hip meets the foot. Remember not to erase the arc for the front foot facing away from us.

Add details by overlapping shapes

Step 11: Drawing the Bunny’s Eye

At the pointed area of the earlier U-shape, draw a short diagonal line as the nose. A little further back, create an almond-shaped black dot for the bunny’s eye.

Draw an eye for the bunny

Step 12: Finalize the Bunny Details

Now it’s time to add the inside of the ears. Complete the inside of the ear facing towards us, but leave the other one incomplete. Add wispy whiskers, highlight the eyes, and voila! You’ve drawn an adorable little bunny rabbit.

Draw final details of the bunny

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This tutorial is courtesy of @ClazDesign. We would like to express our gratitude to Carolyn for sharing her wonderful drawing process. If you enjoyed her illustrations, make sure to check out her social media handle @ClazDesign. She also offers incredible prints and illustrations in her online shop.

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