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How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

how to draw llama fortnite

In this comprehensive guide, we will demonstrate the process of drawing a Llama from the popular computer game Fortnite. Whether you are a fan of the game or simply intrigued by the charming llamas, this tutorial is designed to help you create an impressive drawing that will surely surprise your friends and fellow gamers.

Step 1 – Sketching the Head and Torso of the Llama

To begin, imagine a cartoonish representation of a real-life llama. Use a rounded square shape to form the head and an oval shape with a protruding edge to create the torso.

Step 2 – Drawing the Eye and Neck

Next, draw a large eye within the oval shape and add a dot in the center for emphasis. Connect the head to the eye and then to the torso using two simple lines.

Step 3 – Outlining the Mouth of the Llama

Now, let’s focus on the face. Extend a line from the eye, following the curve of the head, and shape it around the nose. Use a few simple lines to outline the mouth and depict the teeth inside.

how to draw fortnite llama draw so cute

Step 4 – Creating the Ears

To add more character to the llama, elevate its ears. Draw elongated ears close to each other, with one ear having a flat edge and the other ear having a sharp edge.

Step 5 – Designing the Bridle

Our llama needs a bridle! Draw lines to represent belts encircling the entire length of the head, securing them behind the ears. Another strap should wrap around the top of the muzzle. Additionally, draw two small circles near the mouth.

Step 6 – Adding Details to the Neck

Let’s add some texture to the llama’s neck to simulate fur. Llamas, similar to alpacas, have voluminous fur. You can represent the fur with squares or scales, whichever is more convenient for you. Fill the entire neck area with these fur-like shapes.

how to draw a llama fortnite

Step 7 – Drawing the Saddle

Moving on to the saddle, draw an elongated square shape. Enhance the volume by adding a couple of lines alongside it. Connect the lines to form a box-like structure that attaches to the llama’s body.

Step 8 – Detailing the Saddle

Now it’s time to embellish the saddle. Draw a three-dimensional arrow, pointing upwards. Add a few more elements to the saddle, such as evenly spaced lines across the square, creating a frame-like effect.

Step 9 – Elaborating on the Front of the Torso

Recreate the neck texture on the front torso, extending it all the way up to the saddle. Allow the fur squares to extend beyond the body’s boundaries, signifying that these elements cover the entire body.

how to draw a fortnite unicorn llama

Step 10 – Drawing the Front Legs

Depict the two front legs by imagining them as stool legs and drawing lines downward. These legs should be short and stable, giving the impression that the llama will not topple over. We will draw the remaining two legs shortly.

Step 11 – Sketching the Hind Legs

Let’s not delay drawing the hind legs until the llama appears off-balance. Quickly draw the hind legs, ensuring that they are of equal length. This will result in a llama standing firmly on all four legs. Take a moment to evaluate if the legs are proportionate and if they maintain the llama’s stability.

Step 12 – Refining the Back of the Torso

Extend the fur texture to the remaining body area of the llama, excluding the saddle. Take your time to accurately add fur squares, compacting them if desired. This will contribute to the llama’s magnificence and overall appearance.

how to draw a llama from fortnite step by step

Step 13 – Drawing the Tail

Now, let’s draw the tail. Randomly arrange three ribbons in close proximity to each other, giving them a delicate and silky appearance.

Step 14 – Erasing the Guidelines

Go back to the initial steps where we formed the main parts of the torso using lines. Carefully erase these guidelines, ensuring that the fur squares remain intact. If desired, you can outline your llama drawing to enhance its cartoonish nature.

Step 15 – Coloring the Llama Drawing

To add vibrant colors to your Fortnite llama, refer to the in-game palette. Purple, blue, and cyan are commonly used for the llama’s body, while brown and beige can be applied to accentuate certain details.

how to draw llama fortnite

Congratulations! You have completed this llama drawing tutorial. Compare your creation with the final result presented here. If you overlooked any details, don’t hesitate to start again. Remember to practice regularly and don’t hesitate to share your ideas. Have you already decided who or what to draw next time?

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