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How to Draw a Frog Step by Step Tutorial

This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial will guide you in drawing a frog from a side view. With easy-to-follow line drawings as examples, even beginners can master this simple yet detailed process. So grab a pencil and paper, and let’s get started!

Frog drawing step by step

Establishing the Basic Shape of the Frog’s Head & Body

Begin by drawing oval shapes for the frog’s head and body. These shapes will help establish the proportions and define the basic forms of the frog.

Frog head and body basic shape drawing

Creating the Neck Area

Connect the two ovals to form the frog’s neck area. Note that the neck curves outward at the bottom and inward at the top.

Frog neck drawing

Drawing the Body Parts

Next, draw simplified shapes for the major parts of the frog’s body. Pay attention to the eye area and the upper portions of the front and back legs, as illustrated below. Additionally, include a horizontal line to guide the placement of the bottom portions of the legs.

Frog body parts drawing

Adding the Bottom Leg Parts and Feet

Add the bottom portions of the legs and outline the basic shapes of the feet. The back feet can extend slightly below the horizontal line from the previous step.

Frog legs drawing

Cleaning Up the Light Line Drawing

Before proceeding, erase all guide lines to ensure a clean and refined light line drawing of the frog.

Frog full body basic drawing

Adding the Details

It’s time to draw in the smaller details of the frog’s body, such as the eye, mouth, and toes. Suggest the folds of the skin around the front legs and the curves around the eyes and mouth. The frog’s eye should be mostly round with an oval-shaped pupil. The mouth should extend slightly beyond the eye area, with the outer mouth shape closer to the top of the front legs. Only two toes on each foot will be visible in this view, with the toes on the right leg being longer, reaching almost to the elbow on the front legs.

Frog full body details drawing

Creating a Clean Solid Line Drawing

To refine your drawing further, clean up your artwork once again. Then, go over the lighter lines with a more solid stroke to emphasize the final shape of the frog.

Frog basic line drawing

Adding More Details

Enhance your drawing by adding additional details such as the nose, more body folds, and the distinct “vein” shape along the back. These frogs have two such shapes, one on each side of the body, but only one will be visible in this view. If necessary, create a light line drawing for each detail before going over it with darker lines. To give the frog’s eye a shiny look, shade the pupil black, leaving a white area for the highlight or reflection.

Frog line drawing

Final Touches: Adding Spots & Finishing the Frog Drawing

To complete your artwork, add spots along the frog’s body. You may also notice a round spot around the back of the eye area, which is characteristic of this type of frog. This spot can be dark or the same color as the rest of the frog. Place the spots somewhat randomly, varying their size and shape to achieve a natural appearance. If desired, lightly shade the spots after drawing their outer shapes. Once finished, you should have a delightful line drawing of a frog.

Frog drawing


Drawing a frog is an excellent starting point for beginners due to its simplicity. For more tutorials on drawing various animals, including dolphins, rabbits, squirrels, and lions, check out the following resources:

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Remember to practice regularly and have fun exploring your artistic skills!

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