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Lily Drawing – How to Draw a Lily Flower 7 Ways

We have 7 exciting lily drawing ideas for you to explore! These techniques will be perfect additions to our upcoming series on simple flower doodles. Whether you want to draw a lily flower on homemade cards, journal pages, or kindness rocks, these ideas will surely inspire you!

There is a wide variety of lilies to choose from for your drawings. Let’s take a look at the lily drawings we will be sharing in this article:

  • Lily of the Valley Drawing
  • Water Lily Drawing
  • Calla Lily Drawings
  • Spider Lily Drawing
  • Easter Lily
  • Tiger Lily Drawing
  • Stargazer Lily Drawing
  • Lily Pad Drawing

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Lily of the Valley Drawings

Let’s start with a step-by-step guide to drawing lily of the valley. Begin by sketching slim stems and then add little lines to indicate where the flowers will be placed. These lines should arch downwards. Next, draw the outer edge of a bell shape for the flower and connect the two edges with a wide capital M shape. You can leave the flower as a simple doodle or add extra details like leaves and lines for a more intricate look.

Water Lily Drawing

Next, we have a stunning water lily drawing. The key to drawing this flower is to create a stacked petal effect. Start by drawing the base with petals positioned almost horizontally. For a bowl-like effect, add a third line to some of the petals. Gradually stack the petals to create multiple layers, and then make the remaining petals more vertical. Focus on the front-facing part of the flower first, and then add the back side of the petals.

Calla Lily Drawing

Drawing calla lilies is all about mastering that first line. These flowers come in various colors and variations. We have provided a simple and easy-to-follow doodle design for you to try.

Drawing Calla Lilies

Some calla lilies have pointed petals, while others may bloom in groupings. We have included another design that is equally easy to follow.

Spider Lily Drawing

Creating a spider lily drawing might be a bit trickier compared to other lily drawings. However, the end result is worth it. Start by drawing a forward-facing flower head, and then add thin petals extending in different directions. You’ll also need to add similar petals on the left, right, and back, making sure they appear to disappear behind the front flower. Finally, these lilies have long and slender stamen emerging from the center of each flower. Make sure to emphasize their length and add a little ball at the end. To add more depth to the flower, fill in the larger portions of the stems, which will also help separate the flowers.

Easter Lily, Tiger Lily, Stargazer Lily

The drawing techniques for these three types of lilies are essentially the same. The main difference lies in the colors you apply. When drawing an Easter lily, focus on the trumpet stage of the blooming process. The stems typically grow straight downward, and the blooms open to the sides. Next, for a fully bloomed lily, start with three top layer petals and three bottom layer petals. Stargazer lilies exhibit shades of magenta and pink, while tiger lilies showcase vibrant orange hues. The speckles near the center are common features of many variations. If you wish to color your drawing, refer to online images to determine the final details.

How to Draw a Lily Pad

To draw a lily pad, begin by sketching a slightly imperfect circle. Next, extend a line from the center to one side, creating a wedge-like shape. Lastly, add vein-like details extending from the center outward. If you like, you can also include a flower on the lily pad for added visual interest.

I hope you’ve discovered some exciting lily flower drawing ideas to try! If you’re interested in exploring more, check out our article on various ways to draw a daisy. Happy drawing!

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