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How to draw a long neck dinosaur

I absolutely adore drawing dinosaurs – they are just so incredibly cute! Whether you’re a boy or a girl, playing with little toy dinosaurs and drawing them can bring hours of fun. In a previous tutorial, I showed you how to draw a cute dinosaur. However, in today’s post, I will teach you how to draw a Brachiosaurus – a long-neck dinosaur. If you’re interested in more kawaii drawing tutorials, don’t forget to check out my other tutorials here.

Let’s Get Started!

Drawing this long neck dinosaur is super easy, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult learning how to draw. We’ll start with the head, drawing a nice C-shaped curve for the mouth. To create the long neck, draw a long S-shaped curve. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just keep trying until you’re happy with the result. Above the mouth, draw a small curve for the outside portion of the brachiosaurus’ long neck.

Moving on to the back, use another long S-shaped curve for both the back and the tail of the dinosaur. For the front leg, draw a stubby one to support the weight of this huge dinosaur. You can add some ragged edges at the bottom to give the leg some texture. Repeat the same process to draw the other leg.

Here’s what it should look like:

Long Neck Dinosaur

Now that we have the outline of the brachiosaurus ready, it’s time to add some color!

Let’s Color!

You can choose any color you want to bring your long neck dinosaur to life. For example, I’m going to use a pinkish purple color because it’s my favorite, but feel free to use your creativity and experiment with different colors.

Start by coloring the body of the dinosaur with your chosen color. Since the back legs are behind the body, they will be darker due to the laws of physics and light. Go ahead and color them accordingly. Once you’re done with the major portions of the brachiosaurus, you can add more details to make it even prettier.

For instance, you might want to color the tummy a light pink, almost white, to add some contrast. Additionally, you can add some dark purple scales to the dinosaur’s back to create a more detailed look. Finally, to give it that extra kawaii touch, add a blush spot to the dinosaur’s cheek.

Voila! Doesn’t our brachiosaurus look adorable?

Colored Long Neck Dinosaur

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw and color a cute long neck dinosaur from scratch. Remember, you can use any color you prefer to give your dinosaur a unique personality.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step drawing guide and that you were able to learn how to draw a brachiosaurus. Drawing dinosaurs can be fun for kids of all ages, and the best part is you can color them any way you want!

If you’re interested in learning to draw even more cute animals, I highly recommend checking out these books here.

For those of you who want to take your drawing skills to the next level and create kawaii art for selling clipart or merchandise on platforms like Etsy, I have a fantastic course recommendation for you. It’s all about drawing kawaii characters and making physical stickers. This course is in English and covers everything you need to know. You’ll need a sketchbook, Photoshop, and a graphic tablet to get started. Find out more here.

But that’s not all! If you’re eager to improve your drawing abilities or want to create captivating kawaii characters, I have another course suggestion. This one is taught by Sara and focuses on drawing in a delightful kawaii style. It’s in Italian, but there are subtitles available, making it incredibly easy to follow along. Don’t forget to use the code STRAYCURLS-10 for a 10% discount. Explore more about this course here.

And for those of you who are just getting started with ProCreate, I highly recommend the course “Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101.”

Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to drawing and coloring, so let your imagination run wild!

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Remember to have fun and keep exploring the wonderful world of drawing!

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