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How to Draw a Magic Staff Step by Step

Magic staff drawing step by step

Are you a fan of fantasy-themed shows, games, and books? Have you ever dreamed of drawing your very own magic staff? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a captivating magic staff that will make your imagination come alive.

Step 1 – Sketching the Gem

Magic staff gem drawing

Let’s begin by drawing the magical gem of the staff. Use your pencil to create a circular shape, leaving one end open towards the bottom of the staff.

Step 2 – Shaping the Head

Magic staff head drawing

Next, below the gem, draw the head of the staff. Imagine it as a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Remember to slightly round the line at the bottom of the head as well.

Step 3 – Crafting the Shaft

Magic staff shaft drawing

Now, let’s bring the staff to life by drawing its long wooden shaft. Make it wider towards the top and gradually narrower towards the bottom. You can intentionally add some subtle wobbliness to the lines to convey its organic wooden texture.

Step 4 – Adding Prongs

Magic staff prongs drawing

To enhance the staff’s appearance, you can draw prongs that grip the gem and help hold it in place. Add one prong in the middle and two on the sides as depicted in the example. Be sure to erase a tiny portion of the head in the middle where the middle prong connects.

Step 5 – Illuminating the Magic

Magic staff line drawing

To emphasize the staff’s magical essence, let’s create a luminous glow emanating from the gem. Use a series of curved lines that resemble a mix between the letters “U” and “V” to form a star-like shape around the gem. Leave some breaks in the outline, giving it a lighter and more authentic glow effect.

Step 6 – Infusing Color

Magic staff drawing

Now it’s time to bring color to your magical creation. Color the shaft in shades of brown to capture its wooden nature, while the head can be a blend of yellow, orange, and brown to convey the sense of gold. You can choose to make the gem blue and the glow a light yellow to represent traditional magic elements. However, feel free to explore different colors based on the type of magic you envision. Lastly, add a small oval-shaped highlight inside the gem to depict its smooth and shiny surface.

Markers and colored pencils are both excellent tools for this particular drawing. Let your creativity flow and bring your magic staff to life with vibrant colors!


Magic staff designs in fantasy-themed shows, games, and books can vary greatly. However, they often consist of a wooden shaft and a mesmerizing gem. This tutorial has provided you with one approach to drawing such an enchanting item. We hope you found it helpful and inspiring!

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