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How to Draw a Mushroom Step by Step

This tutorial provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to draw a mushroom. With detailed illustrations and concise explanations, you’ll be able to create your own mushroom artwork in no time.

Mushroom drawing step by step

To begin, start with a pencil and make light lines. This will allow you to easily erase and modify the mushroom’s structure as you progress.

Step 1: Sketch the Mushroom Cap

Begin by outlining the mushroom cap. Draw both the top and bottom curves, ensuring that the bottom curve is flatter. The overall shape should resemble that of a bun on a burger.

Mushroom cap drawing

Step 2: Outline the Stem

Continuing from the cap, add the mushroom stem. The top of the stem should be narrower, gradually widening as it goes down, and then tapering again towards the bottom. Each side of the stem should be defined by a wavy line mirroring the other.

Mushroom outline drawing

Step 3: Incorporate Grass Details

To make the mushroom more visually appealing, add blades of grass on either side. Draw the grass over the stem and erase any overlapping portions. The grass blades should have pointed tips, narrow towards the top, widen towards the middle/bottom, and narrow again towards the bottom, similar to the stem.

Mushroom with grass in front drawing

Step 4: Add Background Grass

Enhance the scenery by including additional blades of grass behind the mushroom. This gives the impression that the mushroom is surrounded by grass.

Mushroom with grass drawing

Step 5: Detail the Cap with Spots

Next, add spots to the mushroom cap in various sizes. The spots closer to the center should resemble circles, while those on the top and sides should resemble ovals. The spots towards the edge should taper to create a three-dimensional effect. Use a black pen/marker or darken the lines with a pencil to highlight the spots.

Mushroom line drawing

Step 6: Bring the Mushroom to Life with Color

Finally, it’s time to add color to your mushroom drawing. Color the cap red (leaving the spots white), the stem a light yellow/brown, and the surrounding grass green. Consider using colored pencils or paints for the stem, as markers might be too vibrant. Feel free to use your preferred coloring medium for the cap and grass.

Mushroom drawing


Drawing a mushroom, especially with added spots, may require some extra effort. However, the end result will be a visually captivating artwork. Explore more tutorials like this by checking out our other step-by-step drawing guides:

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