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How to Draw a Mouth | 04 | Drawing Teeth

Drawing Teeth: The Key to Realism

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will delve into the intricate world of drawing teeth. By grasping the fundamental concepts behind the three-dimensional nature of the human mouth, you will be equipped with the skills to create lifelike and captivating mouth illustrations.

how to draw teeth mouth curve

Understanding the Anatomy

To begin, let’s establish the rounded shape of the mouth by sketching a cylinder. When observing the mouth from a frontal view, it’s important to note that typically only 5-6 teeth are visible on each side. Take a look at the examples of smiling male and female mouths below and try counting the number of teeth on each side of the center point. Notice how the angle of the teeth changes as they curve around the mouth.

drawing mouths with teeth female photo

Adding Detail and Depth

Once the basic structure is in place, proceed to sketch the upper and lower rows of teeth. Don’t forget to include the gums above and below the teeth. This exercise aims to train your mind to perceive teeth as three-dimensional forms that curve towards the back of the mouth.

draw realistic lips closed mouth sketch

Concealing the Teeth: Closed Mouth Drawing

In specific cases where the mouth is closed, draw the lips to cover the teeth entirely. Observe how the volume of the lips decreases as they stretch and change position.

draw a smiling mouth with teeth sketch

Mastering Different Expressions: Drawing Smiles

Let’s explore the intricate details of drawing smiles. By raising the corners of the mouth, a smile is formed. Prior to attempting your own smile drawing, take a few moments to observe your own mouth in the mirror. Pay careful attention to the following aspects:

  • How does a half smile differ from a full smile?
  • How many teeth are visible?
  • How does the thickness of the lips change in the transition from a closed mouth to a smile?
  • What additional lines appear on the face during a smile?
  • How does widening your smile affect your nose and eyes?

draw a mouth tutorial smiling mouths

Capturing Emotion: Drawing Angry Mouths

To depict an angry expression, begin by drawing the underlying teeth. Then, sketch the mouth in a stretched position both vertically and horizontally. This stretching causes the lips to extend beyond the sides of the teeth, revealing some of the gums.

how to draw an angry mouth clenched teeth

Perfecting the Details

To add depth to the angry mouth, shade the areas where the lips extend beyond the teeth. Additionally, shade the gums. Note that the lips should appear thin due to the extreme pose and stretching.

tutorial on drawing teeth angry expression

Tips for Realistic Teeth Drawing

In the examples presented, individual teeth are detailed. However, for a more aesthetically pleasing result, it is advisable to indicate only some of the teeth, allowing the viewer to mentally fill in the gaps. By emphasizing the shaded areas at the edges of the mouth and lightly defining the horizontal line that separates the upper and lower teeth, you can achieve a more natural look. The use of distinct black lines to represent individual teeth should be reserved for cases where gaps or significant misalignment is present.

Conclusion: Mastering Mouth Drawing

Throughout this tutorial, we have explored key techniques, ranging from teeth structure to various mouth expressions. As you continue to practice and observe different smiles in real life and media, remember that each person possesses unique characteristics. By incorporating subtle variations and attention to detail, your mouth drawings will exude a new level of realism. In the next lesson, we will tackle the final piece of the puzzle: drawing an open mouth. Soon, you will have the expertise to create captivating mouth illustrations for any character.

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