How to Draw a Panda Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Welcome to my merry visitors…! Today we’ll show you how to draw a panda, a happy, playful, adorable, and sleepy animal. Giant pandas live in China’s far-flung mountains.

They are well-known for their black and white color scheme, and they have a voracious appetite for bamboo. You should be aware of the following fascinating facts about pandas:

  • They are black and white bears with a large size.
  • They are omnivores who eat bamboos to the tune of 99 percent.
  • They may consume 12 kg of food twice a day.
  • Their height ranges from 1.2m to 1.5m, and they weigh up to 135 kg.
  • They are a critically endangered species, with only around 1000 left in the wild.
  • They don’t hibernate; instead, they migrate to lower elevations throughout the winter.
  • The female panda looks after her offspring for at least 18 months before they are ready to venture out on their own.
  • They’re solitary creatures.

We also offer a number of other cute animal drawing tutorials for you to look at, such as how to draw a cat or a dog.

How to Draw a Step by Step Panda

To draw your own panda, follow the steps below. To make things easier for you, we’ve included photos with instructions. This Panda design is also simple because you only need to use black and white colors to color it. Always sketch lightly because you may need to redefine and remove it later. How to draw a lazy lying panda as well as a charming dancing panda are shown below.

How to draw a lazy Panda

Step 1: Make a large circle for the panda’s head.

Step 2: Draw another semi-circle towards the back of the head.

Step 3: For the back leg at the end of the body, draw an angular shape.

Step 4: For the panda’s hands, draw an angular form.

Step 5: Make two curves, one for the ear and one for the hand.

Step 6: At the back, draw the other ear and tail.

Step 7: To represent the head’s center, draw two crossing lines in the head.

Step 8: Draw two dots for the nose and mouth on the verticle line.

Step 9: On opposite sides of the eyes, draw two large eyes.

Step 10: Fill both eyes with ink.

Step 11: Draw a wavy line on the head, tail, and ear to represent panada hair.

Step 12: Use black and white paint to color your panda, then apply blush on the cheeks.

How to draw a dancing cute panda:

Step 1: Start with the head and draw a circle around it.

Step 2: Overlap the previous circle with a large pointed circle.

Step 3: Draw two legs beneath the body, using a full curved line as shown.

Step 4: On the lower body, draw a little circle and shape the leg.

Step 5: Using the simple line and three fingers, draw an arm.

Step 6: Repeat the process on the other side of the arm.

Step 7: Make two eyes and a nose with a triangle.

Step 8: Draw two circles within the eyes to represent pupils.

Step 9: Draw two ears above the head and a mouth below the nose.

Step 10: Using black and white paint, color your panda as shown below.

How to draw a Panda Face:

Because the cuteness of a panda is determined by its face, we’ll show you how to draw a panda face. Begin by creating an oval for the dog’s head, then two angular ovals for eyes, each with a pupil inside. Draw a flat oval for the nose between the eyes and a little below them. Draw a straight line from the nose that curves on both sides. Draw two curled ears on the top of the head, then inside the ears, draw a tiny half-circle to finish them. It’s really simple to draw; if you need any help, look at the image below.


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