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How to Draw a Paper Coffee Cup Step by Step

Paper coffee cup drawing step by step

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a paper coffee cup with a plastic lid, you’re in luck! In this tutorial, we’ll show you just how to do that in six easy steps.

Step 1 – Setting the Base for the Lid

Paper coffee cup lid positioning line drawing

To start, draw a horizontal line that will determine the width and position of the bottom of the lid. Make sure to leave enough space below the line for the cup itself.

Step 2 – Outlining the Bottom of the Lid

Paper coffee cup lid bottom drawing

Based on the line from the previous step, outline the bottom portion of the lid that snaps onto the rim of the cup. Take your time to get the shape just right.

Step 3 – Adding the Top of the Lid

Paper coffee cup lid drawing

Above the bottom portion, add the top part of the lid. It should be slightly narrower and noticeably taller. As it goes up, make it narrower. Don’t forget to draw a slightly curved line to define the top of the lid.

Step 4 – Drawing the Sides

Paper coffee cup sides drawing

Moving downward from the lid, draw the sides of the cup as a pair of straight lines angled toward the center. Aim for symmetry, so both lines mirror each other.

Step 5 – Finishing the Line Drawing

Paper coffee cup line drawing

Connect the two lines from the previous step with a smooth curve to create the bottom of the cup. This completes the outline. If you’re satisfied with your drawing, you can trace it over with a black pen or darken the lines with a pencil.

Step 6 – Adding Color to the Cup

Paper coffee cup drawing

Traditionally, coffee cups are white, while lids can come in various colors depending on the brand. In this example, the lid is orange, but feel free to choose any color you prefer. You can also leave both the cup and lid white, as is commonly seen.


Drawing a coffee cup like the one shown in this tutorial is a simple and enjoyable process, especially when broken down into step-by-step instructions. You can adjust the cup’s size to draw a larger or smaller coffee cup using the same approach.

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