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How to Draw a Oval Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

This article presents a simple and clean method on how to draw an oval. The oval shape serves as the foundation for many drawings, making it an essential skill to master. It is important to note that ovals and circles are distinct shapes, contrary to popular belief. While a circle has a radius, an oval does not. Therefore, today, we will learn various techniques for drawing ovals.

Techniques for Drawing Ovals

Technique 1: Cross Method

To draw an oval using this technique, start by drawing a cross with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines through the center. Then, connect the ends of the cross using curved lines to form the oval shape. This method allows for easy adjustment of the oval’s size, and any outlines can be easily erased.

How to draw an oval using the cross method

Technique 2: Rectangle Method

Similar to the cross method, begin by drawing a rectangle instead of a cross. Then, use the borders of the rectangle as a guide to draw the oval shape. Take extra care when erasing the outline, as it may require more attention.

How to draw an oval using the rectangle method

Technique 3: Circle Conversion

In this technique, start by drawing a circle as a reference and then transform it into an oval shape. It is worth noting that this method is less effective compared to the previous techniques. To achieve the desired oval shape, you need to extend the oval above and below the circle manually. Practice is key to mastering this method.

How to draw an oval using the circle conversion method

Technique 4: Drawing with String

Drawing an oval with the help of string is another popular and easy method. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Draw a straight horizontal line of the desired length as the axis. Then, intersect it with a small vertical line to form a plus sign.

Step 2: From the center of the plus sign, draw arcs on both sides of the large axis and then on the small axis.

Step 3: Join these arcs to create a triangle using the center as a reference point.

Step 4: Place three nails at the three points of the triangle and tie a string to each nail, forming a triangle shape.

Step 5: Using a compass, hold the string with a pencil and move it in a circular motion. This will result in the creation of an oval shape.

How to draw an oval using string

Freehand Oval Drawing

Alternatively, you can draw an oval freehand, although it may not be perfect or symmetrical. To draw a freehand oval, grab your preferred drawing tool and a sheet of paper. Visualize an egg shape in your mind and start drawing similar shapes that resemble an oval. Any shape that is not perfectly round but has a circular form can be considered an oval. Take inspiration from the examples below:

Examples of freehand oval shapes

By following these techniques, you’ll be able to draw ovals with ease and precision. Practice regularly to refine your skills and achieve the desired results. Happy drawing!

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