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Learn How to Draw a Cow Lying Down in a Field

No pastoral scenery is ever complete without a serene cow, peacefully grazing on grass. Their tranquil demeanor and gentle eyes add to the picturesque charm of the countryside. If you’re new to sketching bovines, accurately capturing their anatomy might seem challenging. But fret not! With a little patience and clear, step-by-step instructions, you too can master drawing a cow. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cow lying down in a field. All you need to get started are some reference photos of a cow, drawing supplies, and paper. Ready to begin? Let’s draw a cow!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Draw a Cow

Step 1: Sketch a Gentle Sloping Line

Begin by drawing a loose, wavy line on the paper. This line will serve as the slope of the cow’s back.

Step 2: Create the Head and Body

Next, let’s construct the cow’s head and body with basic shapes. Start by lightly sketching a circle under the end of the wavy line.

Step 3: Add Ears and Nose

Refer to your reference photo and, when you’re ready, draw a pair of large leaf-shaped ears on either side of the cow’s head. Then, add a trapezoidal shape to the end of the circle to start shaping the cow’s long nose.

Step 4: Define the Muzzle

Now, it’s time to add the distinctive muzzle of the cow. At the end of the snout, sketch a half-circle. Below it, draw a smaller half-circle to create the lower lip.

Step 5: Draw the Front Legs

Draw a slightly wavy line below the cow’s chin to define the chest. Then, use rectangular shapes to sketch a pair of front legs. Add a pointed hoof to the end of the front leg closest to you.

Step 6: Sketch the Hind Legs

Extend from the wavy line we drew earlier, and sketch a bent hind leg that folds into the cow’s stomach. Add another leg behind it and attach two-toed hooves to each leg’s end. Remember to draw a belly line between the two pairs of legs.

Step 7: Add the Tail

Round out the back of the cow’s body and draw a long tail with a tuft of hair at the end.

Step 8: Detail the Eyes and Nose

With the body sketched, let’s add more detail to the head. Draw wide almond-shaped eyes on either side of the cow’s head, below the ears. Moving down to the muzzle, add a pair of nostrils near the top of the half-circle shape. Erase any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 9: Enhance the Face with Hair and Folds

Continue enhancing the cow’s face by adding tufts of hair inside the ears and on top of the head. Then, draw some folds of extra skin beneath the cow’s face.

Step 10: Refine the Body

We’ve drawn all the elements of the cow’s body, so now let’s give it more definition. Starting from the head, add wrinkles and folds around the cow’s neck and chest. As you work down, continue adding folds in areas with extra skin, such as the joints and belly. Refine the shape of the hooves and legs. Referencing some photos can be helpful at this stage.

Step 11: Create a Suitable Background

After drawing your relaxed cow, it’s time to give it a fitting background for it to enjoy. The background can be simple or detailed, depending on your preference. For example, you can sketch rolling hills with a soft grassy texture and add a lake to one side. If you want to add a whimsical touch, consider incorporating some border elements.

Step 12: Ink the Drawing

Finally, go over your drawing with ink. Place a scrap of paper under your hand as you slowly trace over the sketch with a pen. Start by outlining all the marks and then fill in select areas such as the hooves and nose with black ink. It’s crucial to save this step for last to avoid smearing the ink. If you feel your drawing needs more contrast, you can add more black areas like the lake or trees. Once you’re satisfied, sign and date your artwork. Well done!

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