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How to Draw a Baby’s Face in Basic Proportions – Drawing a Cute Baby Face Tutorial


Learn the art of drawing a baby’s face from the front with this comprehensive tutorial. Despite appearing challenging, drawing faces and heads is simpler than it seems. By following these facial proportions and guidelines, you’ll quickly master the skill of drawing adorable baby faces. So, let’s get started and unleash your creativity!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Draw a Baby’s Face in Basic Proportions

Step 01

Begin by drawing a tall rectangle with a ratio of 4:3 (height to width) to create the baby’s head.

Step 02

Lightly draw center lines through the rectangle to establish guidelines.

Step 03

Create a guideline halfway between the middle and bottom of the rectangle.

Step 04

Locate the “eye line” by going halfway between the “browline” and “nose line” and draw a guideline.

Step 05

Divide the right and left sides into five equal parts to aid with the drawing process.

Step 06

Use the guidelines to outline the bottom of the baby’s face, forming a sideways “C” shape.

Step 07

Draw the chin and the sides of the baby’s face.

Step 08

Sketch an “S” shape for each ear, a “J” shape on both sides of the nose, and a sideways “V” shape for each eye.

Step 09

Add the lower part of each eye, sideways “J” shapes for the nostrils, and complete the inner outlines of the eyes.

Step 10

Draw curved lines for the top of the eyes and eyelids and upside-down “J” shapes for the top of the ears.

Step 11

Outline the inner nostrils, draw a sideways “C” shape for the top of the head, and refine the shape of the baby’s eyes.

Step 12

Add a curved line under each eye, draw a partial circle in each eye, and create a flattened “M” shape for the mouth.

Step 13

Sketch a curved line for the lower lip, refine the left eye, draw a circle for each pupil, and add details to the inner ear.

Step 14

Erase unnecessary guidelines and lighten the remaining lines.

Step 15

Draw tiny lines to represent eyebrow hairs, refine the top lip with another flattened “M” shape, and complete the line under the left eye.

Step 16A

Add more small lines for eyebrow hairs, draw curved lines for eyelashes, and create highlights in the eyes.

Step 16B

Enhance the eyelashes, draw curved lines on both sides of the left eye, and add lower eyelashes.

Step 16C

Add radiating lines from the pupils and shade the iris towards the inner and outer eye.

Step 16D

Continue the radiating lines, darken the iris, and thicken the lower eyelashes at the base.

Step 16E

Shade the upper eyelids, making them darkest at the crease and lighter towards the edges. Gradually lighten the iris.

Step 16F

Use an eraser to create highlights in the eyes, darken the area around the highlights, and add shading around the eyes.

Step 17A

Shade the nostrils from dark to light, shade the divot below the nose, and provide a base color for the lips.

Step 17B

Shade the nose and surrounding areas, shade the lighter areas of the nostrils, and continue shading the lips.

Step 17C

Shade the lighter tones of the nose and the divot below the nose. Add shading to the lips.

Step 18

Shade the center of the face slightly.

Step 19

Add more shading to the face, with darker shades at the edges and gradually lightening towards the center.

Step 20

Shade the upper part of the head and lightly sketch the hair, following the natural patterns. Give the ears some base tone.

Step 21

Continue shading the ears and drawing the hair, paying attention to the pattern provided.

Step 22

Complete the hair, lightly shade it, and erase any unnecessary dark lines.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a cute baby face in basic proportions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and experimenting with different techniques. With time and dedication, you’ll become a master at creating beautiful drawings. Enjoy your artistic journey!

Additional Resources

If you prefer a complete visual representation of the entire tutorial, refer to the image below:

Full Tutorial Image

So go ahead, unleash your creativity and start drawing stunning baby faces today!

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