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How to Draw a Television Step by Step

Television drawing step by step

If you’ve ever wanted to create a drawing of a widescreen TV, this tutorial is perfect for you. With just six simple steps, you’ll be able to draw a television with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the straightforward instructions and illustrated examples provided here will help you master this drawing. So grab your pencil, ruler, and markers, and let’s get started!

Step 1: Outline the Television

Television outline drawing

Begin by drawing a basic rectangle for the outline of the television. Make sure the corners are slightly rounded and the lines are straight. To achieve accuracy, it’s recommended to use a ruler.

Step 2: Draw the Screen

Television screen drawing

Inside the main outline, draw a smaller rectangle to represent the screen. Unlike the outline, this rectangle doesn’t need rounded corners. Ensure that the spacing between the screen and the larger rectangle is even on all sides.

Step 3: Add the Front Legs

Television legs front drawing

Extend two lines from the bottom of the television to create the front legs. You can draw these lines at a slight angle, as shown in the example above.

Step 4: Include the Inner Sides of the Legs

Television legs sides drawing

To make the legs more three-dimensional, show a bit of the inner side of each leg. This adds depth to your drawing and makes it more realistic.

Step 5: Complete the Back of the Legs & Finalize the Line Drawing

Television line drawing

Finish the legs by adding the back portions. Start with the front of the back legs and then draw the sides, just like you did for the front portions. Refer to the example above for a step-by-step breakdown of drawing one of the television’s legs. Remember to mirror the steps to draw the other leg. Once you’re satisfied with the overall structure, trace over your pencil lines with a black pen or marker, or darken them with a darker pencil.

Step 6: Adding Color to the Television

Television drawing

To bring your drawing to life, apply some color. Use a medium grey shade for the legs and frame, and paint the screen blue with a subtle gradient in its upper left corner, going from white to blue. This gradient will add visual interest and simulate the reflection of light on the screen’s smooth surface. Simply use a regular pencil for the grey color and a blue pencil for the screen.


Drawing a standard widescreen television can be an enjoyable and straightforward experience, especially when following a detailed breakdown like the one provided in this tutorial. We hope you found the examples and instructions helpful in creating your own TV drawing. For more similar tutorials, check out the following:

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