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How to Draw a Unicorn – Step by Step Guide

The unicorn, a majestic and mythical creature, is often depicted as a horse with beautiful wings and a pointed horn on its forehead. Although encountering a real unicorn may be beyond reach, you can bring this extraordinary creature to life through the art of drawing. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of drawing a unicorn in nine simple and enjoyable steps.

Drawing Unicorn in 9 Easy Steps

Each step in this tutorial is accompanied by an illustration, providing you with a visual guide to follow along. All you need to get started is a sheet of paper and your favorite drawing tool. So, let your imagination run wild and let’s begin this magical journey!

Let’s Get Started – How to Draw a Unicorn

Step 1 – Creating the Mane and Ears

To begin, draw two curvy, connected, and pointed shapes in the upper-left section of your paper. This will form the unicorn’s flowing mane. Next, draw tapered oval shapes on both sides of the mane to create the ears. To ensure proper placement, you can create reference lines by drawing a horizontal and vertical line across your paper, dividing it into four quadrants. The top-left quadrant is where you should draw the mane and ears, leaving enough space for the unicorn’s head and body.

Unicorn Drawing Step 1

Step 2 – Outlining the Unicorn’s Head

Directly below the mane and ears, draw the shape of the unicorn’s head. Pay attention to the jawline and muzzle to capture the essence of a horse’s head.

Unicorn Drawing Step 2

Step 3 – Drawing the Long Mane

Extend an elongated narrow shape along the back of the unicorn’s neck to form its beautiful, flowing mane. Connect this mane to the clumps of hair from the first step. For added texture, include pointed clumps of hair within the mane to give it a soft and realistic appearance.

Unicorn Drawing Step 3

Step 4 – Outlining the Body

Draw a sideways irregular oval shape beneath the unicorn’s head. This shape will become the unicorn’s body. Ensure that both sides of the body are rounded to give the unicorn a robust and muscular appearance.

Unicorn Drawing Step 4

Step 5 – Adding the Front Legs

Below the unicorn’s chest, draw two parallel vertical lines with a horizontal line at the bottom. This creates one of the front legs. Repeat this shape beside the first leg to complete the unicorn’s two front legs. As the unicorn is facing sideways, the leg at the back won’t be fully visible. Erase any lines from the torso that intersect within the legs to maintain a clean and refined appearance.

Unicorn Drawing Step 5

Step 6 – Completing All Four Legs

Repeat the previous step below the bottom back of the unicorn to create the hind legs. This completes the formation of all four legs, as depicted in the illustration above.

Unicorn Drawing Step 6

Step 7 – Adding the Furry Tail

Draw a curved shape with a pointed tip at the lower back of the unicorn. This represents the unicorn’s thick and furry tail.

Unicorn Drawing Step 7

Step 8 – Drawing the Pointed Horn

Draw a narrow and pointed shape at the forehead of the unicorn to create its iconic horn. Then, draw a horizontal line above the edge of each foot to represent the hooves.

Unicorn Drawing Step 8

Step 9 – Adding Patterns and Details

To bring your unicorn to life, add some intricate patterns and details. Draw two parallel diagonal lines across the horn and an upright oval shape within the ear. Use a curved line to outline the unicorn’s muzzle, and draw an oval shape for the eyes. Add a small shaded circle inside the muzzle to represent the nose. For the body, include a curved line at the bottom to outline the underside.

Unicorn Drawing Step 9

Now that you’ve successfully drawn a magical unicorn, it’s time for the exciting part – coloring it! While white is the traditional color associated with unicorns, symbolizing purity and grace, feel free to unleash your creativity and use any colors that spark your imagination. Unicorns can be depicted in various vibrant colors, such as silver, green, or even rainbow hues. The choice is yours, so let your artistic expression run wild!

Remember, this step-by-step guide is designed to help you create your own enchanting unicorn drawing. Enjoy the process, embrace your creativity, and have fun bringing this legendary creature to life on paper.

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