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How to Draw a Witch

how to draw a witch easy

What is the upcoming occasion? We are unaware of the specific time you are reading this post. However, as we are writing it now, Halloween is approaching. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to draw a witch.

Step 1: Sketching the Basic Shapes

To begin, draw three circular shapes slightly to the right of the center of the paper. Connect these shapes using a diagonal line.

Step 2: Adding Limbs in a Dynamic Pose

For a more dynamic pose, illustrate the limbs of your villainous witch by using several stick-like lines that form angles.

Step 3: Outlining the Body and Face

At this stage, draw a horizontal line to guide the placement of the eyes. Then, using two smooth curved lines, outline the body.

how to draw a witch step by step

Step 4: Drawing the Upper Limbs

Following our usual top-to-bottom approach, depict the contours of the upper limbs. These should resemble cylinders and large balls, representing the hand and joints, respectively.

Step 5: Outlining the Legs

Sketch the contours of the legs with wide hips and graceful bends. The knee joints should appear as large balls.

Step 6: Adding Essential Elements

Witches can take on various appearances. In this guide, we have chosen to include the essential attributes such as a hat, mantle, and broomstick.

how to draw a witches broom

Step 7: Defining the Witch’s Face

Outline the face of the witch, complete with a pointed nose and a curved, toothless mouth.

Step 8: Detailing the Hat and Hair

Draw the brim of the hat and depict the hair flowing away from the head. This helps convey the image of the witch flying on a broomstick.

Step 9: Completing the Hat

To create a finished look for the witch’s hat, draw the upper part resembling an old, crumpled cap. The end of the cap should be bent at a 90-degree angle.

how to draw a basic witch

Step 10: Working on the Mantle

Focus on adding intricate details to the witch’s mantle. Pay attention to the tattered edges and multiple holes in the fabric.

Step 11: Refining the Sleeves

Maintain the previous torso lines and extend the lower edge of the sleeve fabric below the contours from step four. Adding a tattered bottom edge would be a nice touch.

Step 12: Drawing the Broomstick

As we all know, a witch relies on a broomstick for transportation. Draw the front end of the broomstick, following the guide line from step six.

how to draw a cute witch easy

Step 13: Creating the Skirt

Proceed with drawing the witch’s skirt, allowing room for personal preference. For added authenticity, consider making the skirt frayed and incorporating a few holes.

Step 14: Defining the Legs and Shoes

Finalize the body contours by sketching the shins and adding shoes with long heels.

Step 15: Drawing the Broom

Draw the broom using two rounded shapes separated by a small rectangle. The proximal rounded shape should be smaller in size.

how to draw a witch flying

Step 16: Adding Texture to the Broom

Although optional, adding slight bends to the broom lines can create a wooden texture, enhancing its appearance.

Step 17: Reviewing and Adjusting Proportions

Take a moment to evaluate the proportions, posture, and facial features of your witch. Pay attention to the clothing details and the broomstick. Once everything looks correct without any errors, you can proceed to add colors.

Step 18: Selecting the Right Colors

For a classic witch look, opt for a light green skin tone and a dark robe. Avoid using pure black as it tends to make shading more challenging due to the absence of different shades.

how to draw a witch easy

This was quite a challenging lesson, wasn’t it? If you successfully completed all the steps, you’re doing an amazing job! You can now try your hand at other challenging drawing guides, such as dragons.

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