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How to Draw an Anime Girl Body


In a previous tutorial, we covered the process of drawing a male anime figure. Now, we will delve into the intricacies of drawing a female anime figure. While the basic principles for constructing male and female bodies are similar, there are some distinct differences. In this guide, we will explore in detail how to draw an anime girl body.

Step 1: Sketching the Skeleton

To accurately depict a female anime figure, begin by sketching the skeleton. Start with an egg-shaped head, ensuring that the female head is narrower at the chin. Draw a line for the spine and add a rib cage and pelvis. Remember that the hips of a female figure should be wider than the shoulders. Use simple lines to outline the arms and legs.

Image: How to draw an anime body female

Step 2: Defining the Neck and Torso

Mark a crosshair on the head to serve as a guide when drawing the facial features. Outline a slender neck and torso. An important distinction between the female and male figures is the pronounced narrowing of the waist and the significant expansion of the hips in the female body.

Image: How to draw a female anime body

Step 3: Depicting the Arms and Hips

Use cylindrical shapes for the upper arms and forearms, and add balls for the shoulders and elbows to draw the girl’s arms. Continue the lines of the torso to depict the wide hips, which taper at the knees and then slightly expand around the calf muscles.

Image: Anime girl body sketch

Step 4: Adding Facial Features and Body Details

With light and simple strokes, mark the eyes, referring to the guidelines from the previous step. Draw the nose and mouth using a pair of simple lines. Outline the anime hairstyles. Move on to sketching the fingers and toes. The basic outline of the anime girl body is now complete, and it’s time to proceed to the final details.

Image: Anime girl body outline

Step 5: Refining the Facial Features

Using clear and dark lines, carefully trace the eyes, adding pupils and eyebrows. Next, outline the nose and mouth with precision. Pay attention to the hair and add intricate details as done by the artists at Finally, erase any unnecessary guidelines, leaving behind a clean and polished head of the anime girl.

Image: Draw anime girl body

Step 6: Tracing the Neck and Torso

Extend the lines of the head to trace the neck, which gracefully blends into the torso. Pay close attention to the details of the torso, capturing the shape of muscles and bones beneath the skin. Clean up the torso by erasing any extraneous guidelines.

Image: Tracing the torso of an anime girl body

Step 7: Drawing the Upper Limbs

Continuing from the shoulder lines, meticulously trace the upper limbs. Take extra care when drawing the hands of the anime girl, noting that they are usually thinner compared to those of a male figure. Conclude this step by erasing any remaining guidelines from the upper body.

Image: Drawing anime female body

Step 8: Defining the Hips and Legs

In this stage, complete the drawing of the anime girl figure by following the lines of the torso to define the hips and legs. Use an eraser to remove any lingering guidelines, ensuring that the legs appear clean and polished.

Image: How to draw an anime female body

Step 9: Adding Shadows

For the final touch, incorporate shadows into your artwork. Determine the light source and mark the areas where shadows will fall. Use hatching techniques to fill the shaded areas, following the example set by the artists at

Image: How to draw an anime girl body

By following this comprehensive guide on how to draw an anime girl body, you’ll be equipped to create captivating anime characters. Feel free to explore drawing anime female figures from different angles, dress them in various outfits, and add unique details. If you found this article helpful and engaging, be sure to share it with others who share your enthusiasm for anime. Join us on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Deviantart for more exciting content.

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