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How to Draw a Tiger Tank


how to draw a tiger tank

Undoubtedly, the Tiger tank holds an iconic status as one of the most formidable war machines in World War Two. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of sketching this powerful military vehicle. If you’re ready to dive in, let’s get started!

Step 1: Outlining the Basics

We’ll begin by sketching the primary contours of the tank. Use simple lines to outline its body, turret, and tracks. This step focuses on straight angles, so there is no need for smooth curves. Refer to the image below for guidance.

how to draw a tiger tank step by step

Step 2: Adding Essential Details

Now it’s time to add some intricacies to the Tiger tank. Draw the imposing barrel and outline the main shapes of the tank’s body. Additionally, sketch the initial outlines of the tracks. Take inspiration from the following image:

learn how to draw a tiger tank

Step 3: Focusing on the Upper Part

With the tank’s silhouette complete, it’s time to move on to the details. Begin by drawing the upper portion. Pay attention to the necessary lines on the barrel, the movable base fixed on the turret, and the access hatch situated on the top. Take a look at the image below for guidance:

how to draw a tank easy

Step 4: Mastering the Tower

The tank’s tower may appear complex, but it’s simpler than it seems. In this step, we’ll finalize the drawing of this part of the Tiger tank. Start by outlining the barrel with straight lines, removing any unnecessary touches. Then, add details to the barrel and the base. Finally, circle the hatch and add fine details to the tower. Refer to the image below for guidance:

how to draw tanks fast

Step 5: Front Details and Wing Contours

Now, outline the details of the front of the Tiger tank. Pay attention to the outlines of the protective plates, known as wings, which cover the tank’s chassis and caterpillar tracks. Take inspiration from the image below:

drawing tutorial

Step 6: Fine-tuning the Front Components

In this step, focus on circling the spotlights, gun barrel, and other front components of the tank. Ensure that these details are accurately represented in your sketch. Take a look at the following image for reference:

drawing lesson on how to draw a tank tiger

Step 7: Outlining the Wings

Proceed to outline the wings of the Tiger tank. Draw vertically aligned straight lines across the entire area of the side wings. Next, sketch the wheels of the tracks and establish the outlines of the tracks using smooth lines. Refer to the image below for guidance:

how to draw a german tank

Step 8: Adding Track Panels

Now, focus on drawing the panels of the tracks. Begin by illustrating long horizontal lines and adding short strokes on top. In this step, also pay attention to drawing the wheels with intricate details. Finally, add shadows to the tracks using hatching. Take inspiration from the image below:

how to draw ww2 tank

Step 9: Final Touches

To add depth to your sketch, apply very light shadows to various parts of the Tiger tank. Concentrate on shading the lower side of the barrel, the bottom of the movable base of the barrel, and the lower part of the tank’s body. Refer to the image below for guidance:

how to draw a tiger tank

In conclusion, this was a detailed tutorial on how to sketch a Tiger tank step by step. If you managed to complete the drawing without much difficulty, you might enjoy our more intricate lessons on drawing a soldier of the Red Army, a samurai, or even a Mercedes S-Class. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social networks to stay updated on all the latest drawing lessons.

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