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How to Draw Anime Girl Hair for Beginners, 6 Examples!

How to draw anime girl hair for beginners. Tutorial.

In this comprehensive tutorial, I will demonstrate a simple and effective method to draw anime girl hair. Drawing hair is a crucial element in creating a captivating artwork, and it requires careful consideration and stylization, particularly in the realm of anime. This step-by-step guide is specifically designed for beginners, focusing on the front view of the hair. I will explain the four key steps involved in drawing anime girl hair and provide six detailed examples to help you enhance your skills. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a solid foundation to draw various angles and styles of anime girl hair, enabling you to create stunning and dynamic illustrations.

Drawing Anime Girl Hair – A 4 Step Method

Let’s dive right into the step-by-step process of drawing anime girl hair:

Step 1: Identify the Head Outline

Before delving into the hair itself, it’s essential to establish the basic structure of the head. This step helps you understand the volume and positioning of the hair on the character’s head. Initially, you can draw a rough outline of the head and gradually improve your ability to visualize it without sketching the exact lines. This step serves as a crucial reference for maintaining proportions in the subsequent stages of drawing hair.

Step 2: Create an Underdrawing

Now that you have a clear understanding of the head’s outline, you can proceed to the next phase: creating an underdrawing. The underdrawing acts as a loose sketch that serves as a foundation for the final drawing. If you’re using digital art tools, utilize a separate layer for the underdrawing. For traditional pencil drawing, use a hard grade pencil (such as 4H) to draw light lines that can be easily erased later. Focus on defining the shape of the hair and understanding how the sections flow into each other. Don’t worry about perfecting the lines at this stage; the underdrawing is primarily a guide for the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Draw Final Line Art

Building on the underdrawing, it’s time to refine your drawing by creating the final line art. With the foundation established in the previous steps, you can now focus on adding intricate details and improving the line quality. Feel free to make changes and improvements as you go along, but remember to concentrate on smaller, individual shapes rather than completely altering the hairstyle. If you wish to change the overall style, return to the underdrawing stage and redraw it accordingly. Exceptional line control is crucial for this step, as it brings precision and finesse to your drawing.

Step 4: Add Basic Shading

To bring depth and dimension to your anime girl hair, it’s time to add basic shading. Start by using a single color to suggest form and create highlights. Gradually incorporate shading into the hair, focusing on separating it visually from the rest of the drawing. Remember to keep the shading simple at this stage and avoid complex techniques. By adding subtle shading, you can infuse your artwork with character and make it more visually appealing.

Drawing anime girl hair for beginners - process.

Step-by-Step Examples

Now let’s apply the four-step method to six different examples, showcasing the versatility and intricacy of drawing anime girl hair.

Example 1

In this example, we start by identifying the head outline, allowing us to understand how the hair fits on the character’s head. The underdrawing focuses on the overall shape and flow of the hair, while the final line art brings more precision to the drawing.

Example 2

This example emphasizes the importance of identifying the head structure before mapping the hair. The underdrawing stage determines the shape of the hair, while the final line art refines and adds detail.

Example 3

By identifying the head outline and refining the underdrawing, you can create a solid foundation for the final line art. This step-by-step example highlights the transition from underdrawing to final line art, demonstrating how small changes can enhance the overall design.

Example 4

Here, we emphasize the use of different line weights to define the silhouette and add detail inside the hair. The underdrawing guides the overall shape, while the final line art refines the details.

Example 5

By returning to the first step and identifying the head structure, we establish a strong foundation for the hair. The underdrawing and final line art show the progression from rough sketches to refined lines, adding depth and complexity to the hairstyle.

Example 6: Asuka from Evangelion

This example showcases the entire process, from identifying the head outline to adding basic shading. The underdrawing and final line art highlight the evolution of the hairstyle, and the basic shading brings the drawing to life by creating volume and providing a sense of space.

Drawing Anime Girl Hair Step-by-Step
Various stages of drawing anime girl hair – underdrawing, final line art, and basic shading.

Final Thoughts

Drawing anime girl hair requires practice and a willingness to experiment. In addition to following tutorials, it’s crucial to dedicate time to drawing every day and exploring different styles. Study the works of inspiring anime and manga artists to learn and draw from their unique artistry. Remember, mastering the art of drawing anime girl hair takes time, but with dedication and persistence, you can create captivating and breathtaking illustrations. Good luck on your drawing journey!

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