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How to Draw An Orange – A Step by Step Guide

The orange is a widely recognized and beloved fruit known for its juicy goodness and citrus flavor, making it the perfect snack especially on a hot summer day. Notably, it is even the state fruit of Florida, adding to its fame. While drawing an orange may seem simple due to its basic structure, adding variations can make it a bit tricky. Luckily, this step-by-step guide on how to draw an orange will be a great help in your artistic endeavor. So, let’s dive in and have some creative fun!

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1 – Drawing the Stalk and Leaf

To begin our guide on how to draw an orange, let’s start by drawing the stalk and leaf of the fruit. The leaf can be created using curved lines that converge to a point at the end. Then, add a line down the middle to represent the central vein of the leaf. Next, draw a small rounded rectangular shape for the stem of the orange. Finally, connect the leaf to the stem with a thick line to complete this step.

Step 2 – Outline the Orange

Now that we have the stalk and leaf in place, let’s focus on outlining the body of the orange. Instead of drawing a perfect circle, which is tempting but not accurate, draw a curved line underneath the stem and leaf, resembling a half-circle at the angle shown in the reference image.

Step 3 – Drawing the Orange Slices

In this step, we’ll fill in the outline of the full orange with the unique shapes of the orange slices. Start by drawing a half-moon shape for one segment of the orange. Then, draw a rounded shape with a slightly flat top to create another slice. These slices give the orange a realistic appearance.

Step 4 – Adding the Skins of the Orange Slices

To add more detail to our orange drawing, let’s focus on the skins of the orange slices. Use curved lines to represent the rinds of the orange slices. For the half-moon slice, draw two rounded lines along the edge. For the half orange on the right, add another line slightly above the bottom line of the outline. If you find this confusing, refer closely to the reference image for clarity.

Step 5 – Finishing the Details Inside the Orange

Before we move on to adding color, we need to add a few final details inside the orange. Draw a star-like shape at the center edge of the small orange segment. Then, extend lines from each point of the star shape outward into the orange, varying their lengths. For the half orange, draw another star shape at the very center and create rounded triangular shapes that form a circle within the inner part of the orange. Each triangular shape should have a small gap on the side, extending inward to align with the center star shape. If you feel lost, refer to the reference image for guidance.

Step 6 – Adding Color to Your Orange Drawing

Now that you have completed the final details, it’s time to add vibrant colors to your orange drawing. Naturally, the primary color should be orange to capture the essence of this fruit. You can use different shades of orange to add depth and dimension. Additionally, if you prefer a more artistic approach, feel free to incorporate your favorite colors. Let your creativity shine!

Enhance Your Orange Drawing

To make your orange drawing even more captivating, consider these additional tips:

  • Explore different forms: Experiment with showing individual segments of the orange arranged in various ways, or even depict twisting orange peels around the arrangement. This allows you to showcase your creativity and add an extra dimension to your masterpiece.
  • Incorporate other fruits: Showcase your favorite fruits alongside the orange, such as lemons, grapes, or apples. This adds variety and allows you to create a delightful fruit composition.
  • Depict different ways to enjoy oranges: Consider illustrating orange juice, jams, or other orange-based products to showcase the versatility of this fruit. These details can elevate the overall visual narrative of your drawing.
  • Create a background: Set the stage for your orange drawing by adding a background. You can place the orange in a kitchen setting on a table, or take it outside and display it on a picnic blanket. Alternatively, you can depict the orange hanging from a tree with other oranges. The choice is yours!

Congratulations, Your Orange Drawing is Complete!

You should be proud of the incredible drawing you’ve created by following this guide. Drawing takes practice, but by following each step and taking your time, you’ve achieved a wonderful result. Now, feel free to add your own elements and details to further personalize your artwork. Consider drawing a background or experimenting with different art mediums. The possibilities are endless.

Remember to share your finished orange drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We cannot wait to see your unique and creative interpretations of this juicy fruit!

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