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How To Draw an Owl: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Learning the art of drawing an owl is a straightforward process. However, certain owl species may require more time and effort to master. It’s always a good idea to choose your favorite owl to begin with, but starting with the simplest options can be beneficial.

Types of Owls to Draw

With over 200 owl species to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are a few owl species to get you started:

Snowy Owl

  • White in color
  • Dotted pattern
  • Yellow eyes
  • Barely visible beak

Great Horned Owl

  • “Horns” on the head
  • Brown plumage
  • Marbled pattern
  • Yellow eyes
  • Thin beak

Screech Owl

  • Large, round eyes
  • Round “horns” on the head
  • Brown or grey feathers

Barred Owl

  • Distinctive widow’s peak on the head
  • Black eyes
  • Striped pattern
  • Brown and white plumage

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

  • Small size
  • Large, round eyes
  • Feathery face
  • Brown and off-white feathers

Classic Barn Owl

  • Sleek appearance
  • Long face
  • Widow’s peak on the head
  • Light colored plumage

Madagascar Red Owl

  • Red feathers
  • “Horns” on the head
  • Yellow eyes
  • Short in size

Tips for Drawing an Owl

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while drawing an owl:

  • Commit to a specific owl species
  • Get creative and add your personal touch
  • Use nature as a setting for your owl drawing
  • Aim to capture the wise vibe associated with owls

10 Easy Drawing Projects: How to Draw an Owl

1. Hilarious Owl Meme Tutorial

How to Draw an Owl Meme
There’s a popular meme mocking poorly executed drawing tutorials. However, you can learn to draw a great horned owl with a reliable tutorial from How2DrawAnimals.

2. Drawing a Cute Owl: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Drawing a Cute Owl Tutorial
Cute owls have an irresistible charm. Learn how to draw an adorable owl with an emoji tutorial from Draw So Cute.

3. Owl Drawing Tutorial for Kids

How to Draw an Owl for Kids
Even kids can learn how to draw owls! Art for Kids Hub offers a special owl drawing tutorial exclusively designed for young artists.

4. Step-by-Step Owl Face Drawing Tutorial

An Owl Face Drawing Tutorial
Mastering the owl face is a crucial step before moving on to drawing the entire body. Cute Drawings provides a simple tutorial for drawing an owl’s face.

5. How to Draw an Owl on a Branch

How to Draw an Owl on a Branch
Owls naturally belong on branches, and drawing them on a branch adds a touch of authenticity. Draw So Cute offers a delightful tutorial for drawing an owl perched on a branch.

6. Drawing a Squishmallow Owl: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Drawing a Squishmallow Owl Tutorial
Children are fascinated by Squishmallows, and they’ll love learning to draw an owl Squishmallow with the help of Draw So Cute.

7. How to Draw an Arctic Owl: Detailed Tutorial

How to Draw an Arctic Owl
Arctic owls, also known as snowy owls, have a captivating charm. How2DrawAnimals provides an in-depth tutorial on how to draw these majestic birds.

8. Drawing an Owl in Flight: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Drawing an Owl Flying Tutorial
Capturing the motion of an animal in flight is no easy feat. However, you can learn how to draw a flying owl with guidance from How2DrawAnimals.

9. Cartoon Owl Drawing Tutorial

A Cartoon Owl Drawing Tutorial
Cartoon owls come in various shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities for creativity. Art for Kids Hub presents a tutorial on drawing a snowy owl cartoon.

10. How to Draw an Owl Tattoo: Unique Tutorial

How to Draw an Owl Tattoo
Owl tattoos are distinctive and require a different approach compared to other tattoo designs. Explore the process of drawing a unique owl tattoo with EmilyMeganXArt.

How to Draw an Easy Realistic Owl


  • Paper
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencils
  • 6B pencil
  • Blending stump

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Draw an Oval

Begin by drawing a diagonal oval on the paper, ensuring it doesn’t exceed half the page.

Step 2: Draw a Circle and Another Oval

Add a circle on top of the oval for the owl’s head. Then, draw another oval at the beginning of the wing on the owl’s side.

Step 3: Start Drawing the Feet

Draw a small oval to represent the owl’s thigh. Then, add small branches sticking out for the owl’s claws.

Step 4: Draw the Owl’s Face

Sketch two round eyes and a pointy beak on the owl’s face. Don’t worry if the face appears slightly tilted, as owls have remarkable neck mobility.

Step 5: Outline the Drawing

Outline the entire structure to refine the owl’s shape and form. You can also add details like the “toenails” at this stage.

Step 6: Add Details

This is the challenging part, so take your time. Draw the feathers, intricate patterns, and outline the facial features of the owl.

Step 7: Finish Details and Blend

Complete any remaining details, such as filling in the pupils with a 6B pencil. Gradually shade and blend using the 2B and 6B pencils.

Benefits of Learning How to Draw an Owl

Learning Bird Anatomy

Understanding bird anatomy is crucial for any bird drawing, including owls. Learning to draw beaks and feathers through owl drawings will enhance your skills in drawing other types of birds.

Portraying New Significance

Owls hold symbolic meanings, such as wisdom, purity, and creativity. Through owl drawings, you can portray these significant attributes, especially if you have a spiritual inclination.

Becoming Part of the Trend

Owls have remained a popular trend for years. By mastering owl drawings, you can offer your artwork as commissions and tap into the lucrative owl-themed market.

Drawing Various Owl Characters

From the Guardians of Ga’Hoole to Owl from Winnie the Pooh, countless owl characters exist in literature and popular culture. By learning to draw owls, you’ll have the ability to bring all these characters to life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does It Take to Draw an Owl?

Drawing an owl can take anywhere from five minutes to several hours, depending on the owl species and level of detail you aim to achieve.

What is the Most Challenging Part of Drawing an Owl?

The most challenging part of drawing an owl lies in capturing its intricate details. Each owl species possesses unique characteristics, and maintaining accuracy can be demanding.

What Does an Owl Symbolize in Art?

In art, owls commonly symbolize wisdom, purity, and creativity. These majestic creatures often bridge the gap between the natural world and the mysterious realm beyond.

In Conclusion

When you learn to draw an owl, you acquire more than just artistic skill. You gain insight into their symbolism and the profound meanings they carry. Embark on this journey today and embrace the gift of owl drawing.

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