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How to Draw an Anime School Girl in 6 Steps

This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing an anime-style school girl, complete with a school or college uniform, in a three-quarter view. From the basic body structure to the intricacies of coloring and shading, this tutorial covers it all.

Step 1 – Establish the Body Structure

Before diving into the details, it’s crucial to get the proportions right. Although anime bodies may differ slightly from real-life proportions, the basic principles still apply. Use the head as a measuring tool, ensuring the body is about 6.5 heads tall. Begin by sketching the head and gradually work your way down to the rest of the body. Consider using circles to indicate joints, providing additional guidance. Remember that the legs’ length is equal to the combined height of the body and head. The arms should be slightly longer than the body, and keep in mind the perspective, as the far side of the body, especially the arm, will appear smaller due to the viewer’s angle. For a more detailed explanation of perspective drawing, refer to the tutorial “Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners and How it Relates to Anime.”

Understanding the Guidelines

To further assist you in drawing, refer to the blue guidelines in the example images. These guidelines help you with proportions and spacing. The circles indicate joints and act as dividers for different body parts. The oval drawn inside the head helps shape the top of the head accurately. Drawing the entire oval is essential for symmetry. The lines on the body define its three-dimensional form. The middle line aids in perspective, while the other line separates the front and side views. Think of the initial body shape as a block with sharp corners.

Step 2 – Sketch the Facial Features

Drawing facial features in the anime style requires attention to detail. Since this tutorial focuses on a three-quarter view, remember that features on the far side of the face will be slightly smaller and lower down. However, you can disregard this variation unless you’re drawing a close-up shot of the face. As the far side of the face curves away from the viewer, the far eyebrow and eye will appear horizontally compressed compared to the side closer to the viewer.

Step 3 – Capture the Essence of the Hair

When drawing anime hair, follow the outline of the head and let it flow naturally in various directions. For a more realistic look, draw the hair in clumps of different sizes and directions. Partition the hair into front, sides, and back sections, especially for this particular hairstyle. For a detailed tutorial on drawing anime hair, refer to “How to Draw Anime & Manga Male & Female Hair.”

Step 4 – Outline the Clothing

Drawing the clothes is similar to drawing the hair, as they should complement the body’s outline.

Drawing the Shirt, Sweater Vest & Ribbon

For this type of shirt, draw loose sleeves and a collar that hugs the neck, held in place by a ribbon. The sweater vest should fit closely to the top of the body and sag slightly towards the bottom. When drawing the ribbon, consider the perspective that the far side will appear smaller.

Drawing the Skirt

Anime school uniform skirts often have sharp folds that wrap around the body. Generally, the skirt resembles a cone with the top cut off. Refer to “How to Draw Anime Skirts Step by Step” for additional guidance on drawing anime and manga skirts.

Drawing the Shoes and Socks

Tight, long socks should contour to the shape of the legs. Remember that the top part of the socks will have a curved shape due to the legs’ cylindrical form. The shoes should reflect the feet’s overall shape. If you require assistance drawing shoes, consult the tutorial “How to Draw Anime Shoes Step by Step.” For more information on drawing clothes, see “How to Draw Anime & Manga Clothes.”

Step 5 – Add the Finer Details

Now it’s time to add the smaller details to enhance the drawing’s realism. Pay attention to the face and clothes, ensuring they are intricately outlined. This step will result in a complete outline drawing of an anime girl wearing a school uniform.

Drawing the Clothes Folds

To create depth and authenticity, draw folds in the clothes. Focus on areas near the bottom where the fabric starts to sag and areas where pressure is applied, such as the armpits.

Drawing the Skirt Fold Edges

Indicate the edges of the skirt with lightly drawn lines. These lines will only be visible on the left side of the drawing because the folds twist towards the right, making the other side less visible.

Drawing the Sock & Shoe Details

For the socks, lightly sketch lines following the leg’s shape to indicate the sock pattern. Keep in mind that the legs are round, resulting in larger distances between lines in the middle area facing the viewer and shorter distances with each subsequent stripe. For the shoes, add smaller details to make them visually appealing. Be cautious not to overdo the highlights, as excessively bright highlights can give the shoes a glass-like appearance.

Step 6 – Infuse Color and Shadows

The first step in coloring an anime character is simple: shade each area with the appropriate color. Anime typically uses a shading technique known as “Cel Shading,” which involves avoiding gradients. Consider the light source to create realistic shading. In this case, the light source is positioned at the top left, resulting in shadows on the bottom right areas. Pay attention to shadows below the neck, chest, and skirt, as well as on the right side of each body part.

Shading & Coloring the Face & Hair

Shading on the face should focus on areas cast in shadow by the hair, nose, bottom lip, and eyelids. Additionally, the head will cast a shadow on the neck. Shade the inner back part of the hair and add subtle highlights for a shinier look.

Shading & Coloring the Torso Area

Shade below the chest to create depth in the torso area. Add smaller shadows around folds and a shadow on the bottom right of the vest, as it faces away from the light source.

Shading & Coloring the Skirt

Shade the fold areas of the skirt for added dimension. As the folds turn towards the right side of the drawing, the shadows become less visible. The skirt will also cast a shadow on the legs.

Shading & Coloring the Shoes & Socks

Both the socks and shoes require shadows only on their right side, matching the body’s shading. To enhance the appearance of the shoes, include reflections for a shiny effect. However, avoid making the highlights overly bright, as this can make the shoes look like glass.


This tutorial covers various aspects of drawing an anime school girl, encompassing body structure, facial features, hair, clothing, finer details, and coloring with shading. If the process feels overwhelming, consider practicing different parts individually to make it more manageable. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with friends who may find it helpful. For more tutorials similar to this, check out:

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