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How to Draw Anime Socks, Stockings & Tights

This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing socks, stockings, and tights in the captivating anime and manga style. With simple examples and essential tips, you’ll learn the techniques to bring these fashionable accessories to life.

Anime socks stockings and tights drawing
Anime socks stockings and tights drawing

Socks, stockings, and tights are frequently showcased in anime and manga, especially in high school settings where they complement the school uniforms flawlessly. Drawing these items follows a similar approach to drawing legs, with a few additional steps.

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How to Draw Anime Socks

Anime socks drawing step by step
Anime socks drawing step by step

Typically, representing socks on the legs requires merely drawing a pair of curved lines slightly below the knees. Additionally, you can add a second curve below the first one, indicating the cuffs, preferably with a slightly lighter line.

The curves emulate the natural shape of the legs. However, what may not be immediately apparent is that these curves depend on the viewer’s eye level.

Suppose you envision someone wearing socks directly in front of you, aligning your eyes with the cuffs would result in nearly flat curves (as depicted in the first drawing of the example above). Conversely, if your eyes were positioned below the socks (e.g., observing someone standing on an elevated surface), the curves would be inverted (as shown in the second example).

Generally, when looking down at people’s feet, you will typically perceive the curves of the socks around the leg, similar to the prior examples.

While the socks in this drawing exhibit minimal detailing, more intricate designs may be employed in certain scenes, especially close-ups of the feet. However, it is common to encounter plain white socks in the anime style. But don’t hesitate to experiment with various colors if you prefer.

How to Draw Anime Stockings

Anime stockings drawing step by step
Anime stockings drawing step by step

The “thigh-high” stockings are prevalent in both anime and manga, often appearing more frequently in these mediums than in real life. Drawing stockings is quite similar to drawing socks.

You can indicate the length of the stockings on the legs by drawing a pair of curves, similar to the technique used for drawing socks. However, the “eye level” principles explained earlier with socks still apply.

Since the stockings extend further up the legs in this case, they will be closer to the “eye level.” Consequently, their curves can be drawn flatter compared to the curves of the socks in the previous example.

In many instances, anime stockings feature design elements near the top, such as simple stripes (as demonstrated in this example). Feel free to experiment and create more elaborate patterns to add visual interest.

How to Draw Anime Tights

Anime tights drawing step by step
Anime tights drawing step by step

Drawing tights is relatively straightforward. As tights conform closely to the legs, extending all the way up to the waist, there is no need for intricate line drawings. Instead, you can convey the presence of tights simply by coloring the legs in the desired color of the tights.

In anime and manga, stockings often appear in black or dark grey shades, similar to the example provided.


This tutorial offers a foundation to draw socks, stockings, and tights in the expressive anime and manga style. It provides invaluable tips and realistic examples that apply not only to this genre but also to drawing in general. We hope you find this information helpful and enjoyable.

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