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How to Draw A Basketball – A Step by Step Guide

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport worldwide, captivating millions of devoted fans. Many people express their love for the game through various forms of art, such as paintings, drawings, and fanart. If you’re a basketball enthusiast who has tried to draw a basketball before, you might have found it more challenging than expected. Drawing the intricate lines on a basketball can be tricky, but fear not – we’re here to show you how to do it easily!

Getting Started: Tips and Tools

Before diving into the step-by-step process, it’s important to prepare yourself for a successful basketball drawing. Here are some helpful tips and tools to consider:

1. Gather the Right Tools

To create a visually appealing drawing, it’s recommended to use a variety of pens and pencils. Experimenting with different tools will enhance the quality of your artwork. For instance, when drawing the outline of the basketball, a drawing compass can be incredibly useful. If you don’t have one, don’t worry – you can use any circular object, like the cap of a glue stick, to trace around and create a circle.

2. Seek Inspiration

Looking at pictures and photographs of basketballs and basketball accessories can provide inspiration and help you add unique details to your drawing. Take note of the smaller elements and ideas that you may want to incorporate later on in the guide.

Now that you’re well-prepared, let’s begin the step-by-step guide on how to draw a basketball in 6 easy steps!

Step 1: Drawing the Outline

To start, draw a perfect circle that will serve as the outline of your basketball. Drawing a freehand circle can be quite challenging, so using a drawing compass or tracing around a circular object can make this step easier.

Basketball Drawing Step 1

Step 2: Adding the First Lines

Now that you have the outline, it’s time to add some lines to create the ball’s texture. Start by drawing a slightly curved line from the top to the bottom of the basketball.

Basketball Drawing Step 2

Step 3: Enhancing the Details

Continuing with the details, draw a curved line horizontally across the basketball. This line might be a bit challenging, so feel free to use a pencil first and then trace over it with a pen once you’re satisfied with the shape.

Basketball Drawing Step 3

Step 4: Adding a Vertical Line

For the next step, carefully draw another curved line in a vertical manner on the basketball. This line should be slightly curved at a horizontal angle.

Basketball Drawing Step 4

Step 5: Finalizing the Details

To complete your basketball drawing, add a final line that mirrors the upper line you drew in step 3. This line will be an inverted mirror image of the previous line. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches, such as drawing your favorite basketball brand logo on the ball.

Basketball Drawing Step 5

Step 6: Adding Color

You’re almost there! The last step is to add color to your basketball drawing. Traditionally, basketballs are bright orange, but feel free to get creative and use your favorite colors. Experiment with different art mediums like paints, watercolors, or colored pens to bring your drawing to life. Consider adding a background, such as a basketball court, to enhance the visual appeal.

Basketball Drawing Step 6

Elevate Your Basketball Drawing

To make your basketball drawing even more impressive, consider adding logos of your favorite basketball brands or other equipment related to the sport. You could also include a character, such as yourself or a professional basketball player, in the drawing. Let your imagination run wild and showcase the environment where the game takes place, whether it’s a backyard court or a grand stadium filled with cheering fans.

Basketball Drawing Final


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to draw a basketball using this step-by-step guide. We hope you enjoyed the process and found our guide helpful and enjoyable. Drawing and coloring are just the beginning – the possibilities are endless! Feel free to personalize your drawing with additional details, share it on social media, and continue exploring our site for more exciting drawing guides.

Now, go out there and unleash your creativity on paper!

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