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How to Draw A Beanie – A Step by Step Guide

Different clothing items can serve various purposes, from fashion statements to providing warmth and protection. One such versatile garment is the beanie, which not only keeps you warm but also adds a stylish touch to your outfit. If you’re interested in designing your own unique beanie, this step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1 – Drawing the Fluffy Bobble

Start by sketching a rough oval shape with jagged lines to represent the fluffy bobble of the beanie. To give it a soft and fluffy look, add some curved lines inside the shape. This step sets the foundation for the rest of the beanie.

Step 2 – Outlining the Top

Once you’ve drawn the bobble, move on to the dome-shaped top of the beanie. Extend bumpy lines from each side of the bobble to form the top of the hat. This creates a distinctive outline for your beanie.

Step 3 – Adding the Rim

In this step, you’ll draw the wide rim of the beanie. Connect multiple curved lines at the base of the hat, forming the rim. Use more curved lines for the sides of the rim, ensuring they line up with the ones above. Enhance the rim’s appearance by adding vertical lines as shown in the reference image.

Step 4 – Starting the Pattern

With the basic outline complete, it’s time to add a pattern to your beanie. Begin by drawing a curved, bumpy line horizontally across the width of the beanie. This is the first section of the pattern, setting the foundation for the final details.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Now, it’s time to add the final details to your beanie drawing. Draw a second pattern line beneath the first one to complete the pattern. Feel free to add your own personal touches and extra details. Experiment with different patterns, such as polka dots, or get creative with shapes. You could even draw a background or create a self-portrait wearing the beanie.

Step 6 – Adding Color

The final step is to bring your beanie drawing to life with colors. Use your favorite medium, such as acrylic paints or colored pens, to achieve bright and vibrant colors. If you prefer a more subtle look, watercolors or colored pencils can create a muted color palette. Let your creativity flow and experiment with different tools and techniques to bring your drawing to life.

Take Your Beanie Drawing to the Next Level

Here are some tips to enhance the look of your beanie sketch:

  • Play with Colors: While blue and red are great color choices, feel free to use any color scheme that resonates with you. Experiment with different variations or unique color combinations to make your drawing stand out.
  • Explore Different Art Tools: Try using various art tools and mediums to add texture and variety to your drawing. You can even incorporate crafts like fabric or beads for the bobble and felt or wool for the beanie itself.
  • Expand the Outfit: Consider adding more elements to your drawing, such as a sweater or mittens, to complete the outfit. For a personalized touch, draw someone wearing the beanie, perhaps even based on yourself or someone you know.
  • Create a Background: If you want to showcase where the beanie would be worn, add a background that complements the overall scene. It could be a cold weather setting or any other creative background that adds depth to your drawing.

Your Beanie Drawing is Complete!

Congratulations on completing your beanie drawing! We hope this step-by-step guide made the process enjoyable and easier than expected. Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, feel free to add your own details, elements, and designs. Let your imagination run wild!

Remember, this is just one of many exciting drawing guides available on our website. We frequently update our collection, so be sure to visit us often to explore new drawing ideas. Once you finish your beanie drawing, don’t forget to share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We’d love to see and appreciate your artwork!


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